Hide Shutdown Option for Non Admin Users in Windows 7

Every user on a Windows computer can shut it down by simply going to the start menu. Well, Windows 8 is an exception because there is not start menu! However in other editions, if you have many users on a particular computer, you may want to disable certain users from shutting down the computer. This may be necessary in a college or school environment where students use the college computers. If one student shuts down the computer, the other student won’t be able to use the computer immediately as it will take time to start. For this purpose you may hide the shutdown option from non administrator accounts. Here’s how you do it:

Use Windows 7 Fonts in Windows XP

Windows 7 has certainly captured the attention of several Windows users. They have started migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7. Unlike Windows Vista, Windows 7 is far more stable and reliable and better in performance as well. With the release of Service Pack 1, Windows 7 has improved to a great extent. But, being in the UK, I have noticed several computer users who haven’t yet migrated to Windows 7. On asking them why? They replied saying that XP is stable and reliable and they prefer stability instead of new features and eye candy looks.

How to Create a Wifi Hotspot in Windows XP

A WiFi hotspot is handy if you don’t have a WiFi router. If you have an Ethernet connection then you can easily create a WiFi connection which other devices like iPhone, laptops, etc can join. Setting up a wifi hotspot on Windows XP is not easy as Windows 7 but nevertheless it is helpful. Well, if you are using Windows XP then here’s a guide that will show you how to create a WiFi hotspot using Windows XP.

How to Fix Comdlg32.ocx Run Time Error

Sometimes, you may encounter a run time error while installing a new program. This usually happens when the program does not fetch the necessary results in the Windows environment. It may also happen due to missing files in Windows. If you came across the comdlg32.ocx file error while setting up a portable app then you can try the simple steps given below to get rid of this problem.

Windows Cheat Sheets

I decided to put all the Windows Cheat Sheets together. In this post you’ll find Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 Cheat Sheets and Command Line Cheat Sheets. Well, if you aren’t aware what cheat sheets are then they concise set of notes used for quick references. These cheat sheets include shortcuts, commands, hotkeys, etc.

How to Launch any Program when Windows Starts Up

We usually try to reduce the number of start up programs in order to improve the start up speed of Windows. But, sometimes there may be certain programs that you use on a daily basis. You may like to start such programs when Windows starts up. Well, the start up will be a little slow but the program is ready in front of you when the computer starts. Here’s a short tutorial that shows you how to start any program on start-up:

How to Copy Files to USB Secretly

Today, I came across a tutorial on instructables that shows you how to copy files from a computer to an USB drive secretly. Well, here’s the tutorial in detail:

How to Fix XP Reboot Instead of Shutdown

Today, my cousin called me up and told me she had a problem with her computer and it was acting weird. When I went to inspect the problem, I noticed that whenever I select Shutdown, XP reboots instead of shutdown. It took a while for me to understand the problem. It was happening due to Logitech Mouseware v9.1 that was installed. I uninstalled it and it worked perfectly. Lemme speak about other possibilities that lead to this problem and how you can fix such a problem.

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