Desktop Shutdown Shortcut for Windows 8 for a Quick Shutdown

Hardware these days is simply amazing when you compare it back to the hardware five years ago. Everything’s happening very fast and the modern generation needs it fast just like the fast food. Well, let me stick to the point! The point here is ‘the need for a quick shutdown’. Now that the Windows 8 Developer preview is out, most of the geeks are busy playing around with it. I observed that to shut down Windows 8, you need to open the Windows 8 settings pane and click on the power option and then finally select the Shutdown icon to Shut down your windows 8 computer.

Download FREE Windows 8 Wallpapers

Here are some Windows 8 Wallpapers that I found over the web. Windows 8 wallpapers? Yeah! You guessed it right. Well, these aren’t official one and moreover we haven’t seen Windows 8 yet. These are just some concept works that I found. To download, just click on them and save them.

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