How to Keep Laptop On when Closed

Sometimes you may want to keep the laptop on when it is closed in case you are downloading something or you are using an external keyboard and external monitor or maybe for some other reason. But, the default Windows behavior is to sleep or hibernate.

How to get a Monochrome Command Prompt in Windows 7

Many years back when computers weren’t as advanced as they are now, we had monitors that displayed only one colour on a black background. These monitors were known as monochrome monitors. Here’s a short tutorial that shows you how to get a monochrome command prompt window in Windows 7.

Enable Default Games in Windows 7 Professional

If you’re using Windows 7 Professional you may have observed that the default Windows 7 games, i.e.; Chess, Freecell, Hearts, Solitaire, etc aren’t enabled or can’t be found. Well, these games aren’t installed in Windows 7 Professional. You need to enable them and they’ll be installed. Here’s how you do it:

Windows Cheat Sheets

I decided to put all the Windows Cheat Sheets together. In this post you’ll find Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 Cheat Sheets and Command Line Cheat Sheets. Well, if you aren’t aware what cheat sheets are then they concise set of notes used for quick references. These cheat sheets include shortcuts, commands, hotkeys, etc.

Windows 7 does not Recognize DVD Drive, How to Fix?

I have seen many people complaining about their DVD drive not being recognized. Recently, my friend told me that Windows 7 did not recognize his DVD drive. He told me that when he went to device manager and checked out for the drive. He found out that the drive was not recognized and it was marked by a yellow exclamation mark.

Change the Look of Windows 7 Desktop

Bored of looking at the same old desktop screen? Wanna make it look different and eye candy? Previously, I had written a post tweaking Vista Desktop. Well, in this post I’ll speak about a few simple things that can help you make your desktop attractive. To start with you can have a look at the screenshot below. It will give you an idea of what i’ll be speaking about in this post.

How to Change Windows 7 Start Button

You might have observed that the Windows 7 Start Button looks pretty much like the Vista Start button. Well, if you are bored of seeing it then you may like to change it. There’s a small app- ‘Windows 7 Start Button Changer’ that allows you to change it with ease.

How to Launch any Program when Windows Starts Up

We usually try to reduce the number of start up programs in order to improve the start up speed of Windows. But, sometimes there may be certain programs that you use on a daily basis. You may like to start such programs when Windows starts up. Well, the start up will be a little slow but the program is ready in front of you when the computer starts. Here’s a short tutorial that shows you how to start any program on start-up:

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