How to Hide Favicons in Opera, Firefox and Chrome

Favicons are pretty, aren’t they? Well, if you no idea on favicons then Favicons are tiny icons that represent a website. You can usually see them in the address bar next to the webpage address. For instance, if you open, you’ll see a mouse icon next to its name in the address bar. Most of us find these icons pretty and easy to identify a website. However, there are some that believe the bookmarks list doesn’t look professional or looks messy once due to too many favicons. Well, whatever maybe the reason, if you’re a favicon hater, then you can hide them in your favourite browser. Here’s how you do it:

Facebook Submit Button Gone! How to Get it Back?

Recently, when I was using Facebook I noticed that the submit button had disappeared. Confused? I’m talking about the Facebook submit comment button while posting a comment. Well, Facebook actually removed the ‘submit’ button but introduced a new option that allows users to edit their comment which wasn’t possible earlier. This sounds great but there’s one thing that’s really annoying! If you want to type a big message in the comment box and if you hit the enter button to start a new paragraph, BAM! The comment is posted!

How to Disable the New Facebook Album Viewer

If you have been using Facebook for a long time then you might have noticed that Facebook changes its layout and several other features regularly. Recently, Facebook introduced a new photo album viewer which opens the album with a black background. I don’t really find this feature user friendly. If you’re someone like me then you will consider disabling this feature.

How to Disable Form Autofill in Chrome

Google Chrome has a Form Autofill feature. This features stores all the text data that you have entered earlier in forms. Data may be relating to address, phone number, age, name, etc. Well, if you don’t like to save your personal details so that others don’t use it then you can disable this feature. To disable form autofill in Chrome follow the following instructions:

Remove Facebook Ads in Chrome

You can remove Facebook Ads in Chrome using the Facebook Cleanup extension for Google Chrome. Using this extension you can not only block facebook ads but also move the news filter to the right hand side. 

Recover Lost Passwords in Chrome

In Google Chrome there isn’t an easy way to view stored passwords for websites. Therefore, in order to recover lost passwords you need to use third party softwares. I’ll list a few that are easy to use and are light on resources too.

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