Firefox, IE, Opera tips

Print Preview Button for Firefox

If you surf and print a lot of web pages then I’m pretty sure you may not like to go through File> Print or press Ctrl+P to print a page. Here’s a good addon known as Print preview that I would like to share with you.

How to View Lyrics in YouTube Videos

Watching a music video on YouTube is certainly fun. How about viewing lyrics while watching YouTube videos? Priceless! In this post I’ll show you how to display lyrics in YouTube videos.

How to Duplicate Firefox Tabs

I don’t really use Firefox that much but I like it just because of the availability of so many addons. Until now I wasn’t aware of the duplicate tabs feature. With this feature you can clone a tab with its history and place the duplicate tab in a new window or in the current window.

How to Enable/Disable Turbo Mode in Opera 10

I got hold of Opera 10 the moment it was out. I upgraded over Opera 9.6 and I lost all my bookmarks, speed dials and wand passwords. Well, apart from that, I was greatly pleased with the revamped look of Opera. The new large tab view is amazing. And, the Turbo mode is one feature that everyone should have a look at. If you never ever tried Opera browser then you must try it, at least for the Turbo Mode feature.

How to Get Smilies in Facebook Chat Window

We all love emoticons! I feel chatting is incomplete without emoticons on smilies. I’m sure many of you will agree on this point. If you use Facebook chat you may have noticed that it doesn’t have any smilies to click on and send to your friend. But, the truth is that there are many hidden smilies. You can have a look at the hidden smilies list on

How to Download Songs from

Most of us listen to music online. One of my favorite sites is You too might have listened to songs on Well, the drawback is that you can only listen to songs on this site but you cannot download them. But there’s a little trick. When you play a particular file it actually downloads it! The downloaded file is stored in the temporary folder which later gets deleted. So the trick is pretty simple, first you need to clear your browsers temporary folder, go to and play a song. Check in the temporary folder once the song buffers fully.

Show Firefox Tabs on the Left Hand side

Today I would like to share with you two Firefox addons which will help you to save a lot of space while browsing. Sometimes when you open a lot of tabs it results in clutter on the top and you tend to get confused with the tabs. To solve this problem there’s an awesome addon- Tree Style Tab. Tree Style Tab displays tabs on the left, right top or bottom of your screen. Left side is much preferable though. The tabs are grouped and displayed in the form of tree view. For instance if you have two or three pages of a particular site open then those will be listed under one tab. This is a really good feature as it helps to avoid confusion.

How to Get Firefox Jumplists in Windows 7 Taskbar

I’m sure Windows 7 users using Firefox aren’t happy as Firefox doesn’t show jumplists in Windows 7 taskbar. Jumplists form an important part in Windows 7, when a program is minimized it is shown as an icon in the taskbar. When the mouse is hovered over the icon, a jumplist is displayed which shows various options regarding the program concerned. For instance if you minimize Internet Explorer you should see an IE icon on the taskbar which when hovered over displays various options and open tabs in the form of a jumplist.

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