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How to Hide Favicons in Opera, Firefox and Chrome

Favicons are pretty, aren’t they? Well, if you no idea on favicons then Favicons are tiny icons that represent a website. You can usually see them in the address bar next to the webpage address. For instance, if you open, you’ll see a mouse icon next to its name in the address bar. Most of us find these icons pretty and easy to identify a website. However, there are some that believe the bookmarks list doesn’t look professional or looks messy once due to too many favicons. Well, whatever maybe the reason, if you’re a favicon hater, then you can hide them in your favourite browser. Here’s how you do it:

How to find Friends who have Deleted you on Facebook

Do you have a huge list of friends in your profile? You noticed that your friends reduced but you have no idea on who actually deleted you from their friends list. Well, don’t you worry! There’s a small user script known as Unfriend Finder that identifies which of your friends are not faithful to you and took you off from their friends list. A small Unfriend link on the right hand top corner uncovers the truth!

Facebook Submit Button Gone! How to Get it Back?

Recently, when I was using Facebook I noticed that the submit button had disappeared. Confused? I’m talking about the Facebook submit comment button while posting a comment. Well, Facebook actually removed the ‘submit’ button but introduced a new option that allows users to edit their comment which wasn’t possible earlier. This sounds great but there’s one thing that’s really annoying! If you want to type a big message in the comment box and if you hit the enter button to start a new paragraph, BAM! The comment is posted!

How to Change the Text in Google Logo

Got bored of ‘Google’ text on the Google search engine page? Well, you can change the text in the Google logo with ease. But, you need to have Firefox installed in order to try this little trick. Here’s how you do it:

How to Restore Firefox Font Size to Default

While using Firefox, you may have experienced sudden font changes when you pressed a certain key combination by mistake, but you don’t remember what you had actually pressed. Well, if the font size changes accidentally then it simply means that you have zoomed the page in or out.

Find out a short URLs destination before clicking on it

There are several URL shortening services these days and we come across several short URLs everywhere. The best examples are on Twitter and Facebook. But, did you ever feel that the destination of the URL isn’t safe? I’m sure you did. But, you might have clicked it straightaway or simply avoided it as you didn’t know the URL destination before clicking on it.

How to Remove Chat from Facebook

I don’t really understand the reason behind keeping a chat feature in Facebook. I know it’s meant for instant messaging! But, then what are Instant Messengers for? Facebook isn’t an IM, it’s just a social networking website. There are several reason why I hate the Facebook chat feature. Firstly, it’s buggy! If many Facebook windows are opened in Firefox, you’ll not be able to send messages. You need to minimize and maximize the chat box everytime you type a message. Another reason, some people keep bugging you. Well, if you are a person like me and would like to remove Facebook chat feature then here’s what you do.

JavaScript Manager for Opera

If you’re an Opera user you might be aware that you cannot install user scripts easily like you would in Firefox. Previously, I had written a post on installing Greasemonkey scripts in Opera. It was a manual method. But, now with the newer version of Opera (v 10.10), you can easily install Javascripts.

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