How to Hide Friends Posts on My Wall in Facebook

I like the privacy options on Facebook but I’m not very convinced with the range of privacy options available. Recently, Facebook has been working hard to combat the threat from Google Plus. Facebook has introduced major changes including the Timeline Profile page which will roll out officially on the 30th of September. Few weeks ago when Facebook introduced new privacy settings for posts I was very impressed. Users can now select and hide status updates from certain friends by creating lists. This feature was present in the popular Chinese social networking site renren but missing in Facebook.

How do I get the New Facebook Timeline Profile Page

If you watched the Facebook F8 event, you definitely might have been mesmerized by the eye candy facebook profile page changes know as ‘The Timeline’. Timeline not only looks great but is amazing too. Facebook is going to roll out the timeline profile page on September 30th. But, if you are a hungry Facebook fan like me, I’m pretty you’ll be dying to try it out. Luckily anyone can try the all new Facebook Timeline profile page at this very moment. You can do this by being a developer.

How to get via iPhone Status on Facebook

It’s been a few months since you noticed ‘via iPhone’ below someone’s status message in Facebook. Even though you own an iPhone and you update the status from there, you won’t be able to see ‘via iPhone’ below the status message. This is simply because Facebook has stopped displaying the name of the device below the status message. However, if you are using a Blackberry, you’ll still see ‘via blackberry’ below your status. Now, that’s something unfair and not acceptable! Well, if you are still interested in getting the ‘via iPhone’ so that can stand up and proudly say indirectly that you own an iPhone, you can still do it! Here’s how you do it:

Should I allow my Children to Use Facebook?

In this modern internet-savvy world, the word Facebook has haunted the minds of many people including children. According to Facebook registration requirements, you are not supposed to register on Facebook until you are 18 year of age. But, do children really understand this? There are so many users who are in their teens but have not yet turned 18 and are using Facebook. Children often come to their parents and ask, “Dad, can I register on Facebook? My friend is there too!” This raises a question in parents mind, “Should I allow my Children to Use Facebook?”

How to Chat with Facebook Friends on Yahoo Messenger

Facebook keeps amending its layout and features every now and then. This may sometimes turn out to be crazy for some as they are simply not user friendly or useful. The best example is the Facebook chat sidebar. I’m really not comfortable with it and neither do I like to chat using it. Well, if you are a person like me then you can actually chat with Facebook friends on Yahoo IM. Here’s how you do it:

How to find Friends who have Deleted you on Facebook

Do you have a huge list of friends in your profile? You noticed that your friends reduced but you have no idea on who actually deleted you from their friends list. Well, don’t you worry! There’s a small user script known as Unfriend Finder that identifies which of your friends are not faithful to you and took you off from their friends list. A small Unfriend link on the right hand top corner uncovers the truth!

How to Type in Paragraphs in Facebook Chat

Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest attraction for every internet user these days. Almost every internet has a facebook account. The chat feature in Facebook is quite attractive and user friendly. But, the facebook chat box does not have any enter button to send the chat message to your friend. To send a message in chat all you need to do is type a message and hit the enter key on your keyboard. Then the question arises “How do you type in large paragraphs?”. I am not sure how many of you really bother about this and type in paragraphs but it is certainly worth mentioning. The reason for this is simple. If you have a habit of typing one word and hitting the enter key then it may turn out to be annoying for your friend because he needs to scroll a long sentence or more which are actually written in single words every line.

Facebook Submit Button Gone! How to Get it Back?

Recently, when I was using Facebook I noticed that the submit button had disappeared. Confused? I’m talking about the Facebook submit comment button while posting a comment. Well, Facebook actually removed the ‘submit’ button but introduced a new option that allows users to edit their comment which wasn’t possible earlier. This sounds great but there’s one thing that’s really annoying! If you want to type a big message in the comment box and if you hit the enter button to start a new paragraph, BAM! The comment is posted!

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