KIS 2011 Trial Resetter Download

Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 2011 is one of the best internet security solutions for a personal computer. I have been using Kaspersky antivirus solution for the past three years and I must say that it is undoubtedly the best out there. Well, if you are confused and can’t select a good internet security solution for your computer then you may consider trying out various products before actually buying them. But, unfortunately most of the popular antivirus or internet security programs like Kaspersky give only 30 day trial which is quite less. But, don’t you worry there’s a way to increase this trial period. In this post I’m going to explain how you can extend KIS 2011 trial period.

What Apps are Used in iBand?

Few years ago when I got the iPhone 2G, apps like iBeer, Pocketguitar, Pianist, etc were really popular. The moment I saw them on the iStore, I just couldn’t control myself from getting them although I don’t really know how to play any sort of musical instrument. Well, things have changed now, Apple devices have turned out to be even better and reliable. Several new musical apps have hit the store that are simply amazing. If you are an Apple fan, I am pretty sure that you are aware of the iBand and you might have heard their music. For those who have absolutely no clue on what ‘iBand’ is, it’s a band from the North Point Community Church that uses Apple devices to make some really good music. I’m quite stunned about how Apple devices can be used to make music. I really loved their Merry Christmas song. If you haven’t seen before then you can have a look below.

Delete Browsing History of Multiple Browsers at Once

Nowadays, most of us use more than one web browsers for surfing the web. The reason for this is pretty clear! It’s simply because we don’t get everything that we want in one browser so we end up using several browsers. Well, if you are using more than one browser then you may have to spend more time maintaining them. For instance; deleting browsing history, cookies, etc in different browsers.

Assign a Program to Run on Single Core

Nowadays, almost everyone has a multi core processor. Its been many years since the single core processors became extinct. Multi core processors have several advantages such as 30-70% performance improvement, smoother performance, improved response time, etc. But, there’s one serious drawback of these processors. You cannot run certain old games and programs that make use of only one core on your processor. That simply means that the other cores are a complete waste.

Face Recognition Software for Windows 7

Your face, your windows login! Sounds like a safe and modern way to access and protect your computer, doesn’t it? Face recognition softwares are attractive and nowadays many technical devices apart from computers are implementing this technology. Face recognition softwares ensure that only authorized users can access the computer. Any other person trying to log into the computer won’t be able to do unless he’s authorized.

Free McAfee Antivirus Plus 2011 One Year License Key

McAfee Antivirus has been one of the most reliable antivirus solutions for the past few years. It provides efficient and reliable protection against Trojans, viruses, rootkits and other malicious activity. It instantly detects and blocks viruses and stops threats from infecting your PC. I just came across a wonderful offer on Newegg from which you can get McAfee Antivirus Plus 2011 for free. Well, this one is not as easy as other offers previously mentioned on BizzNtech.

Free HotFile Download Manager

If you download a lot of files from HotFile then you may consider using a HotFile Download Manager so that you can organize your downloads and manage several downloads simultaneously with ease. You might have heard of several download managers like IDM, Jdownloader, MDownloader, etc. Well, most of the users nowadays prefer IDM and I must admit that it’s really good.

Get Free Windows 7 SP1 DVD

If you are wondering whether you can get a free Windows 7 SP1 DVD then let me tell you it is true. You can get one absolutely free from Microsoft if you stay in Canada or in the US. However, you need to pay a small fee of around $5 for shipping. Let me keep this short and tell you how you can do it:

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