Games for Windows Live Marketplace Desktop Client not Starting or Opening

You might have seen several games nowadays use the Games for Windows Live platform. Well, it is nice when you consider the ability to play games online with others but at the same time it seems to be a bit complicating when errors pop up which may turn out quite frustrating at times. By errors I mean both errors in the desktop client as well as in game. If you’re having problems starting the GFWL desktop client then here’s what you should do:

Enable FXAA in GTA IV, Mafia II, Dead Space, Mass Effect 2 and Other Games

GTA IV has always been subject to technical problems ever since its launch. Everyone who purchased the game was satisfied with the game play but experienced issues with game stability and performance. Some of us were also unhappy about the fact that GTA IV did not support Anti-aliasing (FSAA).

Free iPhone/ iPod Shooting Games

Looking for some good free iPhone/ iPod shooting games? I thought of listing some free iPhone/ iPod shooting games that I came across on iTunes. Some of the games are First Person Shooters (FPS) and others are some random shooting games. So, here’s the list:

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Trailer

I have been a great fan of Prince of Persia. But, I was really disappointed with the previous installment and didn’t even bother playing it. I felt that it had moved far away from it’s spark. Well, now Ubisoft is back with the next game in the POP franchise, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. I loved the trailer, hope I don’t get disappointed again with the game. Well, here’s a teaser trailer of the game, hope you like it.

FREE Online Horror Games- Really Scary Ones!

Love to play horror games online? Well, I don’t really like horror games, but my cousin simply loves them. I have seen him playing some horror games. Hotel 626 is one of his favorite. So, here are some scary online horror games for you.

Windows 7 Compatible Games

My friend Pranjal listed down a complete list of Windows 7 Compatible Games on his website. Actually, most of the games working on Windows Vista work perfectly on Windows 7 too. I had a couple of games running on Windows Vista which used to jerk at times. But, they work perfectly on Windows 7. Well, sometimes it depends upon your luck too. But, overall I feel Windows 7 is one of the most stable Operating system introduced by Microsoft. Ok, so here’s the list of Windows 7 compatible games. Feel free to add your experiences on other games by commenting in this post.

Compressed Counter Strike 2D Game

I’m pretty sure you have heard of Counter Strike. Well, if not then it’s one of the popular multiplayer games ever made. I came across a similar game but it’s in 2D and is just 6mb in size! The interesting part about this game is that you can even play multiplayer in it. Now ain’t that amazing?

How to Kick Cheaters without Voting in GTA IV PC

GTA IV is one of the best multiplayer games available at present. I play almost every day on my pc. But the PC version of the game is more prone to cheaters. These cheaters pop in and ruin the whole gaming fun. Recently a cheater came in and started hacking, he increased the cash to about $5000000. This was ridiculous as the game changed and it was team deathmatch and there was no way that the other team could make it on top. Using the voting system is a waste of time, the hackers don’t even get kicked. So, to get rid of such cheaters there’s only one way. It’s by using the net kicker. Let’s speak more on it.

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