iPhone 4S UK Release Date, Features and Pricing

I was stunned to see all the expected features of an iPhone 5 in an iPhone 4S. This raises the question, “If that’s iPhone 4S then what’s iPhone 5 going to feature? a Quad core, 1GB RAM and a better camera?” Well, the best thing we can do is keep our fingers crossed and wait. For now, we can think about the 4S. From the Apple let’s talk iPhone Event, it is clear that the iPhone 4S will feature a 8 Megapixel camera, 1080 full HD video recording, A5 Dual core processor, graphics and longer talk time all in the same old iPhone 4 shell.

The Impact the iPad has had in Medicine

The development and innovation of technology has been a revolutionising force in all facets of business, education and entertainment. However, in 2010 the iPad was launched and it quickly became one of the most demanded consumer devices, with about 8 million units sold in the first few months. A year later the new and improved iPad 2 was introduced, boasting a slimmer and lighter device as well as increased memory and a more powerful operating system. With the availability of several medical applications, one of the industries that have seen an increase in the use of the iPad is healthcare. The impact that the iPad has had in medicine are many and they have led to more efficient and functional patient care. 

Can I use a Normal SIM in iPhone 4?

Since the very launch of iPhone 4, I have seen many people asking the question, “Can I use a normal SIM in an iPhone 4?” The simple answer for this question is ‘no’ but the truth is you can actually use a normal SIM card but in some tricky ways. There are two ways how you can do this.

Sell Used Apple Products for Good Rates

Apple keeps introducing new products every now and then. The best example is the iPhone. It has already released four iPhone’s in the past four years and is going to release a new one this year. With new interesting and eye candy features in the newer version we are easily tempted to buy it. I had purchased an iPhone 2G, the first generation of iPhone two years ago. Now, it’s pretty old but works like a charm. The only problem is it doesn’t support 3G and I cannot use most of the SIM cards that support 3G. This is certainly a serious drawback but apart from that I really love this phone. Last year I purchased an iPhone 4 and the old iPhone is of no use for me. I just want to sell it but I don’t really feel like selling it as I won’t get a good deal. I would rather keep it with me.

4 Crazy Uses of the iPad 2 (Must See!)

We all know that the iPad is a tablet! We can use it for listening to music, browsing internet, make notes, write emails, etc. But, how about doing these things in a unique way or bizarre way?

Foldable Battery Dock for iPhone 5 and iPad 2 Poster

Ever since the iPhone 4 had released there were rumors about the iPhone 5. Well, this has happened with every iPhone so far! While surfing, I stumbled upon a Chinese website that showed a poster from GoPod Mobile International Consumer Electronics Show, United States which says ‘Foldable battery dock for iphone 5 and ipad2’. Sounds a bit crazy, ain’t it?

Why iPhone 4 is better than Android?

Ever since we have seen the green robot in the mobile world, a new war has begun between Android and iPhone users. Many Android users claim that Android is far better than the iPhone OS. It may be better on certain grounds but iPhone still remains the king in its kind. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to get flamed for writing this but that’s alright! You can do that after I finish with what I have to say. So, why is the iPhone better than an Android phone at the moment?

Jailbreak iPhone 4 by Downgrading Firmware to 4.0.1

I strongly believe that iPhone is incomplete without jailbreaking it. I’m pretty sure you’ll agree on this point if you are aware of the potential of an iPhone after jailbreak. Most of the iPhone users updated their firmware to 4.1 as there were significant changes in the update and several bug fixes. Well, if you have updated your phone and you badly wanna jailbreak it then at present the only option is to downgrade the firmware to 4.0.1 and jailbreak it. But, this is possible only if you created a backup of your SHSH. You can downgrade your iPhone 4/3GS and iPod Touch 2G/3G using this method and then jailbreak it.

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