Sell Photos Clicked on your Phone and Earn Money

Are you a good photographer? Do you like to click snaps on your mobile phone? Did you ever wonder that it can fetch some money for you? Well, if you haven’t wondered then you should! Because you can! Today, I came across an app for iPhone and Android devices known as Scoopshot that allows you to do so. I got attracted by their tagline ‘Snap, send earn’. Scoopshot is developed by P2S Media Group Inc. With Scoopshot you can become a mobile photographer! All you need to do is click a snap with your phone and send it to Scoopshot on your phone.

Unlock Your Android Phone using Volume Buttons

Tired of pressing the power button to unlock your phone? Or, you want to be different from others and press some other button? Well, whatever maybe the reason, if you want to stop using your phones power button to unlock your phone, then you can easily do it using certain apps. I’ll mention two apps that will give you the power to control your Android phone according to your wish.

Change the Look of iPhone 4 Lockscreen with Custom Lockscreens

The iOS 4 in iPhone 4 is undoubtedly amazing but some of us find the grass greener on the other side. If you are expecting more or you got bored looking at the same old look of your iPhone 4 lockscreen then you may want to change or customize it. I have put together some great looking lockscreens for iPhone 4, I hope you like them.

Recover Deleted SMS in iPhone 4

You might have seen a big pile of SMS in your iPhone and decided to get rid of the entire SMS in your inbox completely forgetting the fact that there might be some important SMS in that pile of junk that you believe it to be. Well, it has happened with me, I’m pretty sure it might have happened to you as well. 

KIS 2011 Trial Resetter Download

Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 2011 is one of the best internet security solutions for a personal computer. I have been using Kaspersky antivirus solution for the past three years and I must say that it is undoubtedly the best out there. Well, if you are confused and can’t select a good internet security solution for your computer then you may consider trying out various products before actually buying them. But, unfortunately most of the popular antivirus or internet security programs like Kaspersky give only 30 day trial which is quite less. But, don’t you worry there’s a way to increase this trial period. In this post I’m going to explain how you can extend KIS 2011 trial period.

Use Windows 7 Fonts in Windows XP

Windows 7 has certainly captured the attention of several Windows users. They have started migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7. Unlike Windows Vista, Windows 7 is far more stable and reliable and better in performance as well. With the release of Service Pack 1, Windows 7 has improved to a great extent. But, being in the UK, I have noticed several computer users who haven’t yet migrated to Windows 7. On asking them why? They replied saying that XP is stable and reliable and they prefer stability instead of new features and eye candy looks.

Redsn0w Windows Download Links

If you own an Apple device you’ll definitely be familiar with Redsn0w. Well, if you are not, then it is a tool that allows you to jailbreak and unlock Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc. I used it several times on old iPhone 2G and my new iPhone 4 and I believe it is the best jailbreaking and unlocking tool for iPhone on Windows. So far there have been many redsn0w releases and only some version work with certain devices. For instance to jailbreak and unlock iPhone 2g OS3.1.3 you need 0.9.4 redsn0w. Moreover, some versions may not work on certain operating systems. So, I decided to place all the download links for different versions of Redsn0w so that it is easy for you to download.

Delete Browsing History of Multiple Browsers at Once

Nowadays, most of us use more than one web browsers for surfing the web. The reason for this is pretty clear! It’s simply because we don’t get everything that we want in one browser so we end up using several browsers. Well, if you are using more than one browser then you may have to spend more time maintaining them. For instance; deleting browsing history, cookies, etc in different browsers.

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