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How to Hide Favicons in Opera, Firefox and Chrome

Favicons are pretty, aren’t they? Well, if you no idea on favicons then Favicons are tiny icons that represent a website. You can usually see them in the address bar next to the webpage address. For instance, if you open, you’ll see a mouse icon next to its name in the address bar. Most of us find these icons pretty and easy to identify a website. However, there are some that believe the bookmarks list doesn’t look professional or looks messy once due to too many favicons. Well, whatever maybe the reason, if you’re a favicon hater, then you can hide them in your favourite browser. Here’s how you do it:

View Normal Version of a Website on iPhone, iPad

If you use an iPhone or iPad, you might have noticed that when you visit certain websites you won’t be able to view the normal version or the real version of the website that you would see if accessed from your computer. In short, you are being presented with a mobile version of the actual website. Most of the websites usually have an option to switch to the normal or the real version of the website. However, there are some websites that don’t present you with an option to switch to ‘normal version’.

Desktop Shutdown Shortcut for Windows 8 for a Quick Shutdown

Hardware these days is simply amazing when you compare it back to the hardware five years ago. Everything’s happening very fast and the modern generation needs it fast just like the fast food. Well, let me stick to the point! The point here is ‘the need for a quick shutdown’. Now that the Windows 8 Developer preview is out, most of the geeks are busy playing around with it. I observed that to shut down Windows 8, you need to open the Windows 8 settings pane and click on the power option and then finally select the Shutdown icon to Shut down your windows 8 computer.

Downgrade Facebook App on iPhone and iPad

Accessing Facebook using the Facebook app on the iPhone and iPad is way better than accessing it from Safari. Well, that’s just my opinion! Some may beg to differ! Facebook recently updated the Facebook app to version 3.5. This version included some bug fixes and new features like better profile page, tagging in posts, sharing external links, etc. This version undoubtedly looks amazing and the features are awesome too but several users reported bugs and random crashes on iPhone. Also, if you’re an iPad user then you will definitely hate this version because the faceforward Cydia tweak that made it possible to get iPad compatible version of Facebook does not work anymore!

View and Reply SMS on iPhone from Lockscreen or Home screen

iPhone undoubtedly has an amazing OS but there are certain tiny bits missing that make the OS experience incomplete. For instance, the most basic function- SMS, does not have some basic features. If you receive a SMS on iPhone then you might have noticed that it pops up on your screen but you can’t view the entire message there and if the phone is locked then you have to unlock and only then you’ll be taken into the SMS app to view or reply the message.

How to get via iPhone Status on Facebook

It’s been a few months since you noticed ‘via iPhone’ below someone’s status message in Facebook. Even though you own an iPhone and you update the status from there, you won’t be able to see ‘via iPhone’ below the status message. This is simply because Facebook has stopped displaying the name of the device below the status message. However, if you are using a Blackberry, you’ll still see ‘via blackberry’ below your status. Now, that’s something unfair and not acceptable! Well, if you are still interested in getting the ‘via iPhone’ so that can stand up and proudly say indirectly that you own an iPhone, you can still do it! Here’s how you do it:

Change the Look of iPhone 4 Lockscreen with Custom Lockscreens

The iOS 4 in iPhone 4 is undoubtedly amazing but some of us find the grass greener on the other side. If you are expecting more or you got bored looking at the same old look of your iPhone 4 lockscreen then you may want to change or customize it. I have put together some great looking lockscreens for iPhone 4, I hope you like them.

Orkut and Google Plus Comparison. Did Google Plus Interface Evolve from Orkut?

Few years ago when it came to social networking in India and Brazil, you could hear everyone saying “Orkut!” Well, things have changed now. Facebook is the king of social networking in almost every country. Even Brazilians and Indians have started using Facebook now due to which Orkut users are dropping day by day. But, Google has not yet lost it completely when it comes to social networking. Although, Google failed at many instances when social networking was taken into consideration, Google Plus seems to be promising, interesting and not boring or hard to use like its previous social networking products like FriendConnect, Google Wave or Google Buzz which were big failures. Facebook should watch out for their new competitor Google Plus and not take it for granted.

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