Games for Windows Live Marketplace Desktop Client not Starting or Opening

You might have seen several games nowadays use the Games for Windows Live platform. Well, it is nice when you consider the ability to play games online with others but at the same time it seems to be a bit complicating when errors pop up which may turn out quite frustrating at times. By errors I mean both errors in the desktop client as well as in game. If you’re having problems starting the GFWL desktop client then here’s what you should do:

games for windows live client not working

Solution 1: Try signing into Windows Live Messenger
This idea may sound absurd but it did work for me. Install Windows Live messenger if you haven’t already. Try signing in with your ID and then start Games for Windows Live client. This time you may be lucky enough to start the client. If you get any error message, paste it in the comments.

Solution 2: Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4
There may be a problem with the .NET Framework installed due to which the program is refusing to start. Use the .NET framework removal tool to completely remove the .NET framework installed. Once done reboot your computer and download the latest version of net framework from here and install it.

Solution 3: Reinstalling the client
The last thing you can do is reinstall the client. You may also consider clearing all the registry entries relating to the program. You can do this with a registry cleaning program like tune up utilities. Once you have uninstalled the program, restart the computer, download the latest version from here and install it. Try starting the program now and see if it works.
These are just some basic fixes; if you are having problems with GFWL login in game then you may consider looking at the GFWL fix article.



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