How to Chat with Facebook Friends on Yahoo Messenger

Facebook keeps amending its layout and features every now and then. This may sometimes turn out to be crazy for some as they are simply not user friendly or useful. The best example is the Facebook chat sidebar. I’m really not comfortable with it and neither do I like to chat using it. Well, if you are a person like me then you can actually chat with Facebook friends on Yahoo IM. Here’s how you do it:

How to Chat with Facebook Friends on Yahoo Messenger

1. Download Yahoo Messenger 11 and install it.
2. Click on the Contacts Tab and then click on ‘Link to Facebook’
3. Next, click on the Share to button and Click on ‘Add’ next to Facebook. This will open up Facebook in your web browser. Enter your ID and pass and login.
4. Click on Allow to give access to the application.
5. Next, a box will pop up in the Yahoo messenger stating that Facebook is now successfully linked with Yahoo IM. Click on ‘Continue’.
6. Now, you should see a new category of friends- ‘Facebook friends’ in the list of you IM.
7. To chat with Facebook friends, simply double click on a particular name and then start chatting as usual.
8. To sign out of Facebook chat you can simply go to Messenger> Sign out of Facebook chat. To sign in again, next to the Facebook friends list there is an option to sign in.



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