Can I use a Normal SIM in iPhone 4?

Since the very launch of iPhone 4, I have seen many people asking the question, “Can I use a normal SIM in an iPhone 4?” The simple answer for this question is ‘no’ but the truth is you can actually use a normal SIM card but in some tricky ways. There are two ways how you can do this.

Making a Micro SIM or a mini SIM card out of the normal SIM:

The iPhone 4 features a SIM card slot that only allows you to insert a micro SIM card which simply means that you cannot insert a normal sized SIM card into the slot. But, if you cut the normal SIM card into a Micro SIM then you can use it. Now, you might be wondering if this is complicated. The answer is No! Anyone can cut a normal SIM into a micro SIM card with ease. All you need to do is get a SIM card cutter and cut the SIM into a mini card. With the release of iPhone 4 into the market, the SIM card cutters have become really popular. You can find one on Amazon or eBay with ease if you search for ‘sim card cutter’.

But, before you can the SIM card make sure you make a note of the SIM card code that is behind the SIM as shown above. You may require this code in future.

Using Dual SIM cards in iPhone 4:

Another way to use a normal SIM card is by using a dual SIM adapter for iPhone 4. The dual SIM card adapter allows you to use a normal SIM card along with the Micro SIM. This method is a little bit expensive costing you around £20 compared to a simple cutter. But, it allows you to use dual SIMs which is certainly great.

You need to plant a thin strip over the micro SIM which goes in the tray and on the other end of the strip you can insert a normal SIM card. The strip with the normal SIM card can be folded backwards and kept safely in a second case. If you are interested in getting on you can grab one from here.



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