What Apps are Used in iBand?

Few years ago when I got the iPhone 2G, apps like iBeer, Pocketguitar, Pianist, etc were really popular. The moment I saw them on the iStore, I just couldn’t control myself from getting them although I don’t really know how to play any sort of musical instrument. Well, things have changed now, Apple devices have turned out to be even better and reliable. Several new musical apps have hit the store that are simply amazing. If you are an Apple fan, I am pretty sure that you are aware of the iBand and you might have heard their music. For those who have absolutely no clue on what ‘iBand’ is, it’s a band from the North Point Community Church that uses Apple devices to make some really good music. I’m quite stunned about how Apple devices can be used to make music. I really loved their Merry Christmas song. If you haven’t seen before then you can have a look below.

YouTube Preview Image

What Apps are Used in iBand?

Well, if you love musical instruments and you own an Apple device then you might be curious to know what apps they are using. I just figured out the list, here it is:

Percussions– This app allows you to make sounds from 18 types of percussion instruments.
iGog: Massive Drums– A multisampled drum machine.
I Am T-pain– App for auto tuning audio in realtime.
Bassist– Bass guitar.
Pianist and Guitarist- Do I need to say what they do?
Bebot– The squeaky sound made by a robot that looks like SpongeBob.



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