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Download Old Versions of Software

You may have heard the saying, “Old is Gold”. Well, this can sometimes be the case in softwares. Not all new versions work great or may suit your needs. If that’s the case and you’re searching for an older version of the software then you can search it on There are about 3,000 software versions for both PC and Mac on this website.

FREE BitDefender 2011 License key- 3 months

Bitdefender has been a promising and reliable security suite to many users. BitDefender recently released its latest version- Bitdefender 2011. There’s good news for all you BitDenfender fans, BitDefender is offering free three months license to everyone. However, this version is in Beta stage so there may be some bugs. Well, if you’re interested in getting a free 3 months license key then here’s how you get it:

How to Send a Private Scrap to a Friend in Orkut

Orkut is trying hard to improve their privacy settings. Recently, Orkut introduced some new privacy settings. Orkut users can now send private scraps to their friends with ease. So what are these private scraps? Well, private scraps are nothing but scraps that only you and the person whom you are scraping can see it, no one else.

Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 Online LIVE

The FIFA craze has already struck soccer fans! FIFA matches are being aired on several TV channels across the world but for some reason if you don’t have a TV or you don’t have a sports channel that broadcasts the matches, then you can watch it online for free! Moreover, it’s LIVE!

Create Bootable Antivirus CD- Dr.Web LiveCD

If your computer with Windows or Linux operating system is experiencing serious malware problems due to which you aren’t able to boot it, you need to make use of a bootable antivirus CD. Today, I came across a free bootable antivrus- Dr.Web LiveCD!

How to Find out if Someone is Logging into your Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the safest social networking websites at present when we compare to others like Orkut and so on. But, things may change anytime, you never know! Well, Facebook has a good privacy setting that lets you know if someone logged into your account. Let’s have a look at how you can make good use of it:

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