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How to Recover an Unsaved Word 2007 File

We all work with word documents. I’m pretty sure that at least once you may have lost a word file simply because you didn’t save the progress or your computer or due to power failure or maybe due to some other reason. It’s really annoying when you work so hard and all the progress that you have done in such a long span of time simply goes in vain. Well, if you’re using Word 2007 then there’s a way you can recover unsaved word files. Here’s how you do it:
Click on the Word 2007 orbit button on the top left corner and click on word option.

How to Fix Comdlg32.ocx Run Time Error

Sometimes, you may encounter a run time error while installing a new program. This usually happens when the program does not fetch the necessary results in the Windows environment. It may also happen due to missing files in Windows. If you came across the comdlg32.ocx file error while setting up a portable app then you can try the simple steps given below to get rid of this problem.

Download Opera Mini 5 for iPhone

iPhone and iPod Touch users had no other alternative to Safari. But, to be honest, I personally didn’t like the Safari browser in the iPhone. I don’t know how many of you will agree on this point. I felt, there were two major drawbacks in the iPhone Safari. Firstly, it was too slow and secondly, it had very few features. I’m a big Opera fan and I was eagerly waiting for Opera to be released on iTunes.

How to get a Monochrome Command Prompt in Windows 7

Many years back when computers weren’t as advanced as they are now, we had monitors that displayed only one colour on a black background. These monitors were known as monochrome monitors. Here’s a short tutorial that shows you how to get a monochrome command prompt window in Windows 7.

How to Paste Text without Formatting in Word 2007

Most of us use the copy paste function to paste lot of data from the internet into Microsoft Office Word. But, we like to keep the same font throughout the document. It’s annoying when you paste the text which has some other font and you need to change it later. So, to avoid text being pasted with formatting, here’s a simple tip.

How to Download Multiple Rapidshare Links

If you’re a Rapidshare user you may have noticed that sometimes there are multiple links for a particular file. For instance, for a video file, there may be five to six RAR files. In such a case you need to paste each link separately in your browser to download each and every file. Well, to make things easier, there are two other alternatives.

Get MAC OSX Notifications for Windows 7

If you tried Mac OSX then you may have noticed the fantastic Growl notifications. Well, if you’re a Windows user then you may like to get these. Now, you may be wondering if this is even possible. Well, the interesting part is that Growl is available for Windows too.

How to Flush DNS in MAC OSX

Flushing DNS is basically nothing but emptying the DNS cache. Flushing DNS cache on your MAC OSX is pretty easy. Just follow the below steps carefully to do so:

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