Change the Look of Windows 7 Desktop

Bored of looking at the same old desktop screen? Wanna make it look different and eye candy? Previously, I had written a post tweaking Vista Desktop. Well, in this post I’ll speak about a few simple things that can help you make your desktop attractive. To start with you can have a look at the screenshot below. It will give you an idea of what i’ll be speaking about in this post.

As, you can see in the above pic there are no desktop icons and the taskbar is missing. You can also spot a sexy dock and a couple of gadgets. Looks neat and clean isn’t it?

To get a desktop like the one above you need to…
Get an attractive wallpaper for your desktop. You can download free high quality wallpapers from the list here.

Download and install Rocket Dock. It’s a small dock that allows you to access applications, folders, etc from a single tray like docklet. Once, the dock is installed run it. You should see a simple dock on your desktop screen.

Create a folder with the name ‘Programs’ on your desktop. Cut all the application shortcuts and paste them into this folder. This will reduce the clutter. You can also group other stuff like game shortcuts, etc into another folder in a similar way. You can drag this folder into the dock to create a shortcut to access the folder directly from the dock.

To get different icons, skins, docklets, etc you can have a look at the Rocketdock website or Wincustomize website.

You can also download Object Dock which not only helps you to add one dock but several docks.

To hide desktop icons you need to simply right click on the desktop and hide desktop icons.

You can also change the taskbar start button using the taskbar start button changer app.

To hide the taskbar, you need to download a small app RunandHide or taskbar hider from rocket dock website.

To get more Windows 7 gadgets, have a look at the Microsoft website. You can try out the launch control gadget which can show tiny shortcut to applications.

I guess that’s pretty simple isn’t it? Well, if you have any questions feel free to ask.



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