How to Delete Windows 7 System Reserved Partition

Just few minutes ago I wrote about why a Windows 7 System Reserved Partition is created. Now, in this post I’ll tell you how to delete or remove the system reserved partition in Windows 7.

How to Delete/ Remove Windows 7 System Reserved Partition

Firstly, insert the Windows 7 installation DVD and boot from DVD drive. When you reach at the partition screen, click on Drive options (advanced) to delete existing partitions and create a new partition.

Click OK. You’ll receive the following message:
To ensure that all Windows features work correctly, Windows might create additional partitions for system files.

Now, you’ll notice that two partitions are created- a System Reserved System of 100MB and another partition which is the primary one.

Click on the Primary partition and Delete it. Once the partition is deleted, the deleted disk space will now become unallocated space.

Click on the 100MB System Reserved Partition, and click Extend. Assign the available disk space to the partition, and click Apply.

Now, the system reserved partition of 100MB will get extended, click on it and then click Format.

Once the formatting is done, the originally System Reserved Partition will transform into a normal system partition. You can now install Windows 7 as usual.



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