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FREE Corel Painter Essentials 4 License

Corel Painter Essentials 4 is not only a great art studio for home use but also good software for professionals. It is perfect for those who like to play around with their photos, tweaking them artistically, Essentials provides a deep toolbox under its intuitive layout. It features a good range of brushes, paints, pens and paper textures that enable you to add unique touches to photos, cards, scrapbooks and other fun projects. The program features two workspaces, Drawing & Painting and Photo Painting. The first is a standard image-creation template, while the second lets you upload a photo and “paint” over it.

Stay Away from Twilight New Moon Malware

A new malware has hit the web and infected many computers. It’s related to the new movie- Twilight New Moon. Twilight fans, make sure that you don’t fall prey to this malware.

How to Disable Form Autofill in Chrome

Google Chrome has a Form Autofill feature. This features stores all the text data that you have entered earlier in forms. Data may be relating to address, phone number, age, name, etc. Well, if you don’t like to save your personal details so that others don’t use it then you can disable this feature. To disable form autofill in Chrome follow the following instructions:

Linux Image Viewers

Previously, I had written a post on 10 Handy Online Image Editors. Well, today I’ll write something similar. If you are a Linux user and you are looking for a good image viewer then here’s a list of some Linux image viewers.

Add Symbols to a Facebook Status

You can easily add symbols to a Facebook Status message. You might have observed that many people add symbols like music notes, hearts, smilies, etc to their status messages. You may have wondered how they did it. Well, it’s pretty simple here’s how you do it:

Create a Facebook Status with Music

How about adding a tune to your Facebook status message? Sounds cool isn’t it? There’s an app known as Jamendo that allows you to create a Facebook status with music. It plays songs below your status message. Well, it’s something similar to sharing a YouTube video. But, here the difference is that you can share a song.

How to Find iPod Touch Mac Address

You can find iPod Touch Mac Address pretty easily. Well, if you aren’t familiar what’s a Mac address then it refers to Media Access Control address (MAC address). It is a unique identifier assigned to most network adapters or network interface cards. They are usually 12-digit hexadecimal numbers.

Google Android Tips and Tricks

Like Android? Then I’ll show you some Google Android Tips and Tricks. Google Android is an interesting Mobile Operating System. Nowadays, every Google product is worth talking about, isn’t it? So, let’s discuss about some Google Android Tips and Tricks.

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