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ZXStyles ZXReader is a free software for S60 mobile phones. With this software you can read ebooks on your symbian powered handset. ZXStyles ZXReader supports two main file types- .txt and .fb2. It also supports any ZIP file (containing TXT or FB2) and TCR. I’m pretty sure everyone’s familiar with .txt files. Well, The FB2 format is an ebook format based on XML, which originated from Russia.


* Supported formats: TXT, FB2, ZIP (containing TXT or FB2), TCR
* Support for many encodings;
* Automatic change of portrait / landscape mode when the phone turns;
* Fixing the desired orientation of the screen;
* Sensory management;
* Full Screen;
* Setting the font, including third-party ttf;
* Avto moving pages around;
* Office lighting – brightness is constant;
* Text – carry the words, bonding lines (cut into a line under a specific width before any editor)
* Splitting the screen into multiple active zones, each of which can hang some commands.
Changes in version:
* In the Menu settings added setting for hide the icons in the all commands mode. If you are on the phone goes into this mode is too long, you can hide the icons and the rate increase.
* In the mode Favorites you can hang a groups (similar to the upper level in the menu mode);
* If including hidden signatures icons in the menu, then let larger icons – (32 becomes 48, 64 – 96). This size – maximal size of icons. Icons of smaller size will not increase. And only icons larger decrease to this value. Increased size will affect only newly downloadable icons, so it is recommended after changing the setting on the signatures restart the program.
* In the Menu mode added the group Screen;
* The configuration commands (keyboard and screen) Added command startup menu in the first mode..
* In the menu, service icons (Close, next / prev mode) was three. For keyboards smarts, the average icon button activated C (delete, backspace).
* Service icons is also customizable (like icon in the favorite). In addition to Close, Next / Prev mode functions is added icon Another mode.
* On the Menu tab added tuning Download icons with values
* * Start Menu – icons are loaded at startup menu.

Download ZXStyles ZXReader



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