JavaScript Manager for Opera

If you’re an Opera user you might be aware that you cannot install user scripts easily like you would in Firefox. Previously, I had written a post on installing Greasemonkey scripts in Opera. It was a manual method. But, now with the newer version of Opera (v 10.10), you can easily install Javascripts.

An Opera user Rafal has come up with a JavaScript manager for Opera. To install this manager you need to get the latest version of Opera as it requires Opera unite. Create a new Opera Unite account and then download UJS manager.

How to Manage JavaScript’s in Opera using UJS Manger?

Managing scripts with the UJS Manager is pretty easy. Once the UJS Manger is installed click on the wheel next to the UJS Manger. An Opera Unite application settings box will open. Browse and choose a folder where you would like to save JavaScript’s and use them.

Now, download your favorite javascript and save it in the folder you chose above and restart Opera.

Click on the Unite icon in the sidebar and choose UJS Manager. On the right hand side you’ll notice that the script is installed. To disable it click on the green tick icon next to the script. It will get disabled. You can click on it again to enable it.



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