How to Fix XP Reboot Instead of Shutdown

Today, my cousin called me up and told me she had a problem with her computer and it was acting weird. When I went to inspect the problem, I noticed that whenever I select Shutdown, XP reboots instead of shutdown. It took a while for me to understand the problem. It was happening due to Logitech Mouseware v9.1 that was installed. I uninstalled it and it worked perfectly. Lemme speak about other possibilities that lead to this problem and how you can fix such a problem.

How to Fix XP Reboot Instead of Shutdown?

Firstly, whenever you experience such a problem, right-click on My Computer and go to > Properties> Advanced tab. Under “Startup & Recovery,” click Settings. Under “System Failure,” uncheck the box in front of “Automatically restart.” This will prevent your computer from restarting but you’ll end up getting a blue screen which will display the information relating to the error. Make a note of the error. Looking at it, we can identify the problem.

Various problems and solutions:

USB Connections: Different USB-related issues can impact shutdown. Sometimes if there are many devices plugged into USB then the computer may reboot. If such devices are plugged into external USB hub you may solve the problem. Or, simply try unplugging USB devices while shutting down.

Logitech MouseWare: Logitech MouseWare versions- 8.6, 9.0, 9.1 have been linked to the reboot problem. In my cousins case it was the 9.1 version of Logitech MouseWare that created the problem. Simply uninstall it by going to control Panel, reboot and then shutdown. This time your computer won’t reboot. The error is caused in the KBDCLASS.SYS. You may see this in the blue error screen.

Hidden “wake on” power settings: If you have an Ethernet card integrated into your motherboard, you may have hidden “wake on” settings that are harder to find. Sometimes you may find a “wake on” setting in Device Manager> Properties> Advanced. You can change it there. But, if it isn’t there then you need to change it in BIOS or Power Management settings.

Webstar DPX USB cable modem: This modem has reported a similar problem n USB 1.1 port. Switch to USB 2.0 PCI card and it should fix the problem.

“Wake on” power settings: Power-management settings that have the computer “wake” on LAN, USB, modem, or probably anything else may also trigger a restart after shutdown. This may happen due to mouse, keyboard, etc. You need to try plugging out that particular device. This kind of problem is easy to identify when you get a new hardware component.

Y-SB3 Logitech Internet Keyboard with Key Commander software: If you have this keyboard and you install the Key Commader software, Win XP will restart instead of shut down.

If your problem is not among the above mentioned ones, feel free to post a comment here regarding your problem so that I can help you out.



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