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How to Share or Access Drives on Network Computers in Windows 7

I connected my Vaio notebook to my desktop pc using an Ethernet cable. But, I noticed that I couldn’t access my notebook’s drives on my desktop pc. By drives I mean C, D, E, etc. Later, I realized that you need to enable sharing for drives in order to access them in the network. Here’s how you do it:

Adjust Laptop Screen Brightness without using Fn Key

One of my friend recently discovered that after he installed Windows 7 on his HCL laptop he wasn’t able to adjust the laptop screen brightness using the Fn key. Unfortunately, the HCL site didn’t have any Windows 7 drivers for his laptop. Moreover, installing the right display drivers didn’t fix the job.

How to Watch Avatar Movie in 3D on PC

I might be one of those unlucky fellas who can’t watch Avatar in 3D as there’s no theatre nearby playing the movie in 3D. Unfortunately, when the DVD releases I doubt that it can be watched in 3D at home. The reason is simple because in a movie theatre, the movie is filmed with two cameras next to each other to create the depth of field. Every frame alternates between these two cameras while you watch the film. All the frames from one camera are polarized in a clockwise direction and the frames from the other camera are polarized in an anti-clockwise direction.

How to Use GMail without Internet

Did you know that you can use GMail without internet? Well, it’s possible to do so using a Google Labs offline Gmail feature. To make use of this feature you need to use Google Gears. Google Gears syncs and copies the contents of your Gmail account and the cache folder on your computer when the computer is connected to the internet.

Windows Random Password Generator

Can’t decide a strong password? Confused? Well, then here’s a good Windows Random Password Generator- IObit. It allows you to create strong and random passwords that cannot be broken with ease. It includes options to include small letters, capital letters, numbers, and symbols.

Change DNS Settings in Windows 7

DNS Jumper is a free portable tool that allows you to change DNS settings in Windows 7 and other operating systems prior to Windows 7. You can easily switch to Google Public DNS, Open DNS, Comodo DNS and many other DNS services with just a single click.

Download ZXStyles ZXReader

ZXStyles ZXReader is a free software for S60 mobile phones. With this software you can read ebooks on your symbian powered handset. ZXStyles ZXReader supports two main file types- .txt and .fb2. It also supports any ZIP file (containing TXT or FB2) and TCR. I’m pretty sure everyone’s familiar with .txt files. Well, The FB2 format is an ebook format based on XML, which originated from Russia.

How to Uninstall McAfee Internet Security Suite Completely

Few days back I purchased a Vaio notebook in which McAfee Internet Security Suite trial was installed. I was interested in getting rid of this as I had a Kasperksy license which I was using on my desktop pc. But, even after uninstalling the program from add or remove programs, the program wasn’t fully uninstalled. Whenever I would try to install Kaspersky Internet Security I would get a message saying Uninstall McAfee internet security suite with site advisor before proceeding.

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