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Download Chrome Operating System for FREE (Unofficial)

Previously, I had written about a Chrome Theme pack for Windows XP. Here’s the Chrome operating system itself. Well, it’s not the official one by Google but it’s an operating system created by a fan. It’s a linux based operating system with GNOME 2.24 desktop environment. Here are some of its features:

Save Image as Password Protected EXE File

LockImage is a freeware that allows you to save images as password protected .exe files. With LockImage you can protect an image by converting it into a password protected executable with an embedded viewer. The software is really small in size and doesn’t require any installation. It’s a portable app, you can carry it anywhere in your pen drive.

Turn Keyboard LEDs into Network Activity Lights

Every keyboard has LEDs on it. By LEDs I mean the Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock lights. These LEDs help you to know if you have Numlock, Capslock and ScrollLock enabled/disabled. While surfing, I came across a tool known as Network Lights. This tool lets you monitor network activity on your keyboard(upload/download) ScrollLock and NumLock indicators. Each LED will flicker when network traffic is detected.

Download Yahoo Messenger 10 Final Full Version

Finally, the wait is over! The long awaited Yahoo Messenger 10 is out! Recently it came out of beta stage. The final version released to public is The download link is at the bottom of the post. Once downloaded, you can install it anytime without connecting to internet. This version is fully supported by Windows. It sports several new features.

FREE Online Horror Games- Really Scary Ones!

Love to play horror games online? Well, I don’t really like horror games, but my cousin simply loves them. I have seen him playing some horror games. Hotel 626 is one of his favorite. So, here are some scary online horror games for you.

Online Dictionaries with Audio Pronunciations

Looking for a good online dictionary with audio pronunciations? I’ll list of the good ones out there. When it comes to English no one can be a perfectionist in grammar or in pronunciations. Sometimes we come across words that are pronounced in an entirely different manner. And, when we ask our friends to pronounce such words, we get to hear different pronunciations. “So, what’s the correct pronunciation?” is one question that strikes your mind every now and then.

Download Desktop Google Translator

Most of us rely on Google Translate for translating a webpage or text. But, in order to translate we need to go to the Google Translation website, copy/paste the text, and choose the output language. But, there’s an alternative, you don’t need to go to the website every time, there’s a desktop translation tool.

FREE Gmail Desktop Notifiers

A Gmail Desktop Notifier helps you to get Gmail notifications on your desktop. The number of Gmail users is rapidly increasing day by day. Gmail is my first preference when it comes to email providers. The reasons behind this choice are its fast, no colorful advertisements unlike other providers and moreover it’s easy to use. If you send and receive emails regularly on Gmail then it’s advisable to get a Gmail desktop notifier.

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