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How to Find HTML Color Code on Screen

If you are a web designer and you happen to stumble across a good color palette on your screen then how do you get the HTML color code for that particular color? Well, it’s pretty simple. All you need to do is get a small freeware known as Instant Eyedropper.

How to Get Name in Facebook Profile Link

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but well, if you aren’t then Facebook offers you a profile link with your name. This will not only make your Facebook profile link short but also help you and your friends remember your profile link with ease. Such links are also known as vanity URLs.

How to Disable Touchpad while Typing

The touchpad on a laptop may be annoying at times, especially when you are typing an article or email and your hand touches the touch pad. For this very reason you may like to disable the touchpad on your laptop. But, if you go to Control Panel> Mouse properties and disable the touchpad then you need to enable it again when you need it so it’s not advisable.

Download Free eBook Manager

Calibre is a free ebook management software that allows you to organize, save and manage ebooks in one place with ease. It is a one stop solution for all ebook needs – library management, format conversion, news feeds to ebook conversion. Using this software you can also sync ebooks with a variety of popular ebook readers.

Download Windows 7 Transformation Pack for Ubuntu

The eye candy look and the feel of Windows 7 is simply amazing. Some of my friends using Mac and Ubuntu installed Windows 7 on their system and they loved it. But, if you’re a Ubuntu user and wouldn’t like to switch to Windows 7 then you can get the Windows 7 look on Ubuntu using the Windows 7 Ubuntu transformation pack.

How to Identify a Fake Email ID

Internet is growing really fast and sometimes we don’t even understand what’s real and what’s fake over the web. The best example is an email ID. It’s pretty difficult to identify a fake Email ID. It may so happen that you need to send an important email and the email ID doesn’t exist or it’s a wrong one. But, there are ways through which you can easily identify a fake email ID. Firstly, you can send a test email to the id. If you receive a failure mail delivery report then the ID isn’t available. Well, there’s an alternative to this method too.

Windows 7 Sidebar for Vista

While surfing I came across a Windows 7 Sidebar for Windows Vista and XP. The sidebar has gadgets like media players, Google search, yahoo search, weather, sticky notes, system uptime, POP3 mail retriever, RSS reader and lots of other useful gadgets.

How to get Shutdown Confirmation in Windows 7

If you use Windows 7 you might have noticed that there is no shutdown confirmation dialog box like Windows XP. Well, this reduces wastage of time and you can quickly shutdown your computer but the problem is that if you accidently click on the shutdown button then you can’t cancel it.

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