How to Get Smilies in Facebook Chat Window

We all love emoticons! I feel chatting is incomplete without emoticons on smilies. I’m sure many of you will agree on this point. If you use Facebook chat you may have noticed that it doesn’t have any smilies to click on and send to your friend. But, the truth is that there are many hidden smilies. You can have a look at the hidden smilies list on

Memorizing those codes for every smilie and then using them is not an easy task. So what’s the solution? Well, there’s a greasemonkey script which allows you to get smilies directly in the chat window. Once installed you can simply click on the smilie and hit enter, it will reach your friends chat window. Ahhh! Go smilie power!

How to get emoticons/ smilies in Facebook chat window?
First of all, to get this working you need to be using Firefox.

Start Firefox and go to the Greasemonkey addon page and install it.

Once installed, restart the browser. You should now see a monkey icon on the right hand side bottom of the Firefox window.

Now go to Facebook Chatbar+ addon and simply click on install and restart Firefox.

Go to and log into your account and check out the chat window of your friend. You should a whole set of emoticons within the window itself. You can simply click on them and send. Ain’t that easy?

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