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How to Patch MobileInstallation File in 3.0 iPhone Firmware

I just installed iPhone OS 3.0 on my first generation iPhone using redsnOw. I’m quite pleased with the features of the OS 3.0. The most useful feature is the search feature and the copy and paste feature. The SMS app has also improved a lot, landscape mode is included. But unfortunately I couldn’t install any cracked apps as the mobile installation 2.2.1 patch which we used in 2.2.1 didn’t work here. But, I found an easier way to install cracked apps. Here’s how you do it:

How to Unlock iPhone 2G with OS 3.0

It’s been a few days since the iPhone OS 3.0 released. All iPhone users were very eager to jailbreak and unlock their iPhones with the OS 3.0. But, unfortunately the Pwnage Tool which was out could unlock iPhone 2G only on Mac and didn’t support Windows. But, luckily today RedsnOw is available for Windows as well as Mac users. You don’t need to wait for the Quickpwn tool to unlock your iPhone 2G, you can unlock it using the ResnOw tool. Here’s a detailed procedure that I found on tech-exclusive:

Right Click and Hide or Unhide Files

The usual way of hiding or unhiding files is by going to File Menu> Tools> Folder Options> View> uncheck or check the settings show hidden files and folders. Well, this is little bit time consuming. To make things easier there’s a small extension- Hidden Files toggle which adds the option to the right click menu. It appears on the Desktop and folder backgrounds.

How to Download Songs from

Most of us listen to music online. One of my favorite sites is You too might have listened to songs on Well, the drawback is that you can only listen to songs on this site but you cannot download them. But there’s a little trick. When you play a particular file it actually downloads it! The downloaded file is stored in the temporary folder which later gets deleted. So the trick is pretty simple, first you need to clear your browsers temporary folder, go to and play a song. Check in the temporary folder once the song buffers fully.

How to Kick Cheaters without Voting in GTA IV PC

GTA IV is one of the best multiplayer games available at present. I play almost every day on my pc. But the PC version of the game is more prone to cheaters. These cheaters pop in and ruin the whole gaming fun. Recently a cheater came in and started hacking, he increased the cash to about $5000000. This was ridiculous as the game changed and it was team deathmatch and there was no way that the other team could make it on top. Using the voting system is a waste of time, the hackers don’t even get kicked. So, to get rid of such cheaters there’s only one way. It’s by using the net kicker. Let’s speak more on it.

Downloaded Selected Items from a ZIP file Link

Sometimes you may be in need of a particular file and luckily you find it over the web but unfortunately it is zipped along with a bunch of other files and the download link is a huge zip file. Now just for the sake of one file you download the whole zip archive even though you don’t want the rest of the files. Well, you don’t really need to download the whole thing. You can download selected file(s) with the help of WebZip.

Set a Browsing Time Limit for a Website you Visit

The internet is so addictive that we sometimes just get glued to our chairs. But if you have a bandwidth limit for your internet connection then this will turn out to be dangerous as you’ll have to pay more. In addition to this you may also have time limit for using internet. In such a case you may want to control your browsing by limiting the time on a specific website.

How to Protect a Pen Drive in Windows 7 using BitLocker

BitLocker is s a full disk encryption feature included in Windows Vista and Windows 7. It is available only in the Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Just few minutes ago I had written an article on protecting a pc with a pen drive. Well, you can do the same thing with this software as well. You can set a start up key in a pen drive and then later you need to insert the same pen drive with the startup key into the computer in order to boot the protected operating system.

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