How to Unlock iPhone 2G with OS 3.0

It’s been a few days since the iPhone OS 3.0 released. All iPhone users were very eager to jailbreak and unlock their iPhones with the OS 3.0. But, unfortunately the Pwnage Tool which was out could unlock iPhone 2G only on Mac and didn’t support Windows. But, luckily today RedsnOw is available for Windows as well as Mac users. You don’t need to wait for the Quickpwn tool to unlock your iPhone 2G, you can unlock it using the ResnOw tool. Here’s a detailed procedure that I found on tech-exclusive:

Stuff required:

RedsnOw 0.7.1 for Windows | RedsnOw 0.7 for Mac
iPhone OS 3.0 for iPhone 2G
Bootloader Files – bl39.bin & bl46.bin

How to Unlock iPhone 2G using RedsnOw?

1. Firstly, create a folder on desktop and name it as ‘RedsnOw’.
2. Move the above downloaded files into this folder.
3. Now, connect your iPhone using the USB cable.
4. Start RedsnOw, browse the .ipsw firmware file from the folder and click on ‘Next’ to proceed.
5. If you want to unlock the iPhone then select ‘Unlock’ option from the window. Make sure you also select ‘Install Cydia’. Once done, click on ‘Next’ to continue.
6. A bootloader window will appear, perform the instructions given on the screen.
7. Once you finish with the above process switch off the device and click ‘Next’ to start with DFU mode. Put your phone in DFU mode by using screen instructions. (Hold the power and home button simultaneously and connect the cable. You need to hold them for 10 secs and then release the power button while holding the home button. Hold until the phone enters into DFU mode.)
8. The redsnOw tool will automatically start the unlocking procedure. Just wait for few minutes to get your iPhone unlocked.



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