How to Kick Cheaters without Voting in GTA IV PC

GTA IV is one of the best multiplayer games available at present. I play almost every day on my pc. But the PC version of the game is more prone to cheaters. These cheaters pop in and ruin the whole gaming fun. Recently a cheater came in and started hacking, he increased the cash to about $5000000. This was ridiculous as the game changed and it was team deathmatch and there was no way that the other team could make it on top. Using the voting system is a waste of time, the hackers don’t even get kicked. So, to get rid of such cheaters there’s only one way. It’s by using the net kicker. Let’s speak more on it.

The Netkicker is a GTA IV pc mod which allows the creator of the server of a multiplayer game to instantly kick cheaters. You don’t need to worry about voting for kicks. I came across this tool in gta forums.

Using this tool:
Download Netkicker from below and copy it to the GTA folder.

Start the game and press Alt+F12 in the game to activate it. Then on the left hand side of the screen the list of players, to move to next player scroll with your mouse and when you find the culprit kick him instantly. To exit menu press F12.

NOTE: You need to have 1.0.4 patch installed.

This mod is a must for all multiplayer server creators on GTA IV. Together we all can get rid of cheaters and enjoy a good gaming experience.

Download Netkicker 1.0.4

UPDATED ON 21/09/2009



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