How to add Watermark to Images

If you upload your images over the web then there are high chances of it being used by others without giving you credit. Or maybe someone may be using your image without your permission. If you’re really concerned about this matter then you need to do something! So what can be done? You can watermark your images that you upload over the web. Adding a visible watermark is a common way of identifying images and protecting them from unauthorized use online.

Adding watermarks:
WaterMark V2 is a freeware which allows you to add watermarks to any image or photo. WaterMark V2 supports Bitmap, GIF, JPEG, PNG und TIFF image formats. It’s pretty user friendly and light on resources as well. It’s compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

To add a watermark to an image all you need is to define a source image as watermark and place it where ever you want on the image or photo you want to protect. The transparency of the whole watermark or even a single color can easily be set according to your needs by changing the percentage of transparency. All these settings can be added as a batch operation to a complete picture folder.

Download WaterMark V2



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