How to Fix GFWL Login Problem

Nowadays there are a lot of new multiplayer games that use Games For Windows Live. Some of the games that include GFWL are GTA IV, Fallout 3, DoW2, etc. GFWL is a great way to connect with your friends online and play a good multiplayer game. But if you’re using a router then you may experience some problems which will not allow you to login. I was previously using an ordinary modem and it worked great. But after I got a new router I experienced login issues, I wasn’t able to log into my GFWL account. This was really annoying as I had purchased GTA IV mainly for online play.

I tried different things to fix the problem like uninstalling the game, resetting router, uninstalling kaspersky, etc but none of them worked. I even posted on GFWL forums and they said it was a router issue. I got fed up and reinstalled Vista and installed the game without installing any other softwares and to my surprise GFWL worked perfectly and I was able to play a multiplayer game. Then later again something went wrong and I wasn’t able to play. So here’s what I tired which fixed my problem.

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