Windows 7 Editions Announced

Microsoft has finally let the cat out of the bag. They have announced the different Windows 7 editions. Now you can choose the best that suits your needs and requirements. The different Windows 7 Editions are:

Windows 7 Starter Edition – It’s the most basic edition of Windows7 operating system. It has no Aero glass feature and desktop enhancements. Supports basic features like: ability to join a Home Group with improved taskbar and JumpLists.

Windows 7 Home Basic Edition – Again this edition like the above one doesn’t include Aero glass and desktop enhancements. Features include: Live thumbnail previews & enhanced visual experience with advanced networking support and mobility center.

Windows 7 Home Premium – It’s targeted for majority of consumers and small business users. It’s the cheapest Windows 7 edition that boasts the Aero glass feature & advanced windows navigation. Other features include: easy networking & sharing across all your PCs & devices, improved media format support and handwriting recognition.

Windows 7 Professional Edition – Ideal for retail and business users, it has features add-on over Home premium edition. Basic features include: ability to join a managed network with domain join, protect data with advanced network backup, encrypting File System and location aware printing from home or work.

Windows 7 Enterprise Edition – Ideal for mid and large sized businesses who buy Windows licenses in bulk. It includes: bitLocker data protection on both internal as well as external drives, prevent unauthorized software from running with appLocker and directaccess for seamless connectivity to your corporate network.

Windows 7 Ultimate Edition – You are familiar with the Vista Ultimate edition, aren’t you? The Vista ultimate had loads of features in it. Similarly, this one has too. It’s the most expensive one among the above.

Having known the different types of Windows 7 editions, now people are eager to know their prices. Well, don’t worry folks Microsoft will reveal them very soon.



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