Power Up the Firefox Address Bar

I would like to share with you an interesting Firefox extension- UrlbarExt that I came across today. UrlbarExt adds a set of icons to the address bar in Firefox. So what can be done with these set of icons? To start with it can shorten URLs using your favorite URL shortening service. This feature is really cool as you don’t need to go to a URL shortening site like TinyURL to shorten the link. It shortens the link with just a click. Another interesting feature is the Google search. If a site doesn’t have a good search engine you can carry out a Google search on the site with a single click.

You can also tag the current page you are browsing. This adds an unique feature to the Firefox interface, you can later find it easily using “Awesome bar” or “Recent Tags” menu. Another feature that I would like to highlight is anonymous browsing. Using this you can browse anonymously using online php proxy servers and unblock filtered websites.

Other Features:
> Go up one level, or directly to the root of the current site (double click).
> Copy the current site URL OR custom formatted URL.
> Navigate through sequential URLs.

Download and Install UrlbarExt in Firefox



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