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How to add Custom icons to DVDs or Flash Drives

You might have noticed that when you insert a software cd or a game cd the cd drive icon shows the game or software logo as icon. Ever wanted to do something like that? Well, here’s a short and easy tutorial to do so:

PicoZip- Free Password Recovery Software

I’m pretty sure you might have across password protected ZIP archives. Usually when we have a lot of password protected archives we don’t quite remember their passwords. And in the end we aren’t able to open them, it may not be the case with everyone though buy it has happened to me several times as I’m careless. In such a case the last resort is a password recovery software. But the problem is most of the password recovery softwares available aren’t free and to pay for them is quite a lot as they are expensive. Last time I had written about a software- WinRAR Unlock that unlocks locked RARs but not password protected archives. Well, I was searching over the web for a good freeware which can do the job and I came across one known as PicoZip.

View RSS Feeds in Outlook 2003

If you’re using Outlook 2007 then you might have noticed that there’s a new feature in this version which allows you to manage and display RSS feeds within outlook itself. But the versions (Outlook 2000, Outlook XP and Microsoft Outlook 2003) prior to 2007 don’t have this feature. But don’t you worry, there’s a free Microsoft add-in known as RSS Popper which adds RSS feed support to previous Microsoft Outlook versions.

How to Clear Run History in Windows

If you ever used the run prompt to run applications and various other stuff then you might have noticed that the programs that you run remain the in the drop down menu as history. Well, it may be annoying at times, especially when you have multiple users who use the same pc. In such cases it’s quite obvious that we don’t like to show others what we typed in the run box. Well, here’s a short and easy trick to delete the history, here’s how you get it done:

How to Install Vista from USB/ Pen drive

If you ever installed Windows you might have observed that a fresh install of Vista DVD takes around 20 -30 minutes! Oh! I know that’s a lot of time, how about making it short? I know you want to. The trick is booting from a pen drive instead of a DVD rom. Using this trick you can complete the installation in less than 10 minutes! Ok so lemme keep it short and start with the tutorial, just follow the below instructions carefully:

How to Fix GTA IV PC Version

I know there are many GTA fans out there who were disappointed with the release of GTA IV on PC. Well, the reason? It’s simply because the game is too damn buggy and the FPS is not good too. I’m a big GTA fan, I had pre ordered GTA IV after looking into the reviews. The console version reviews were amazing which simply dragged me to purchase the PC version. But unfortunately it was a different story after getting the game. The moment I got the game I installed it and when I started the game to my surprise I could see only my car and no environments. It was a severe problem of missing textures. I was really disappointed by this. I started searching over the web for fixes and found many of them which made my game finally fully playable. I thought I’ll sum up all the fixes into a single place so that it will be easy for you to try them out. So here they are:

Install DirectX 10 on XP

For the past few months we have seen DX10 trying to take over DX9. There were several games which supported DX10. The differences between DirectX10 and DirectX 9 were quite evident but unfortunately XP users couldn’t reap the benefit of DX10 as it wasn’t supported by XP. We all know that there’s no official version of DirectX 10 for Windows XP. But some developers are trying hard to make a DirectX 10 for Windows XP. While surfing over the web I found a DirectX 10 installer for Windows XP. It supports runtimes (DLL’s) ported from DirectX10 Vista SP1 for Windows XP which helps to run games with DirectX 10 on Windows XP. Unfortunately this isn’t the final version, it’s a RC2 Pre final release but you can try it out, there’s certainly no harm in trying out.

Download Windows Live Messenger 2009 Final

Windows Live Messenger 2009 is finally out! I know guys it isn’t 2009 yet, but looks like MS just rolled it out before year end. It has an all new user interface which most of you will like. Over 200 bugs have been fixed and several exciting features have been added. This version is pretty eye candy, you’ll see an all new login screen, conversation window, eye candy icons, etc. Unfortunately, Mess Patch and A-Patch haven’t been updated yet to work with MSN 2009 but the Messenger Plus! Live is compatible with this build, but it looks like it’s not fully functional. Ok guys, so lets have a sneak into some of its features:

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