Exact Vista Sidebar for XP

We have seen many Vista sidebars for XP since Windows Vista launched but unfortunately none of them looked exactly like the Vista sidebar. Well, even though I use Vista I have disabled the vista sidebar, the reason? No idea, but I feel it’s an unwanted feature. That’s just my opinion; I know many of you like it. Well, if you have XP and would like to try out the Vista sidebar which does actually look like and behaves like the original Vista sidebar then here it is. Joshoon from deviantart managed to port the real Windows Sidebar to Windows XP by making use of Alky For Applications. I’m pretty sure you might have heard of Alky, the one responsible for converting or making Vista only applications compatible with XP.

Ok so regarding the Vista sidebar; the pack includes 3 different applications that are required to be installed to run the Windows Vista Sidebar in Windows XP. Firstly you need to install Alky For Applications. Once done you can install the Windows Vista Sidebar after which the sidebar will be functional. Lastly, you need to install a tool known as Gadget Gallery which can be used to add new gadgets to the sidebar. You can now select the available gadgets and the best part is that you can add new ones from Microsoft site like you would do in Vista. Great isn’t it? But for that you need to do a small work, you need to download the gadget and unpack it and add .gadget extension to the root directory of it and move it to the Shared Gadgets directory of the sidebar application. Unpacking can be done easily with 7-Zip. You can also drag the gadgets from the sidebar to anywhere on the desktop.

Download Vista Siderbar For Windows XP




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