How about being an Ironman?

I’m sure most of you have watched Ironman movie by now. Well, if you haven’t then you are missing a great blockbuster. I love gadgets and hence Iron Man was one of my preferred characters since my childhood because it was a complete package of his incredible arsenal of weapons from repulsor beams to gigantic cannon which accompanied the execution of some complex combo moves. In addition to this there’s the sexy red and gold suit of armor with some fabulous array of weapons. But unfortunately Ironman wasn’t as popular as other characters like Spiderman, Batman, etc.

I watched the movie nearly ten times I guess. I was just trying to go deep into the character and the look which Ironman possessed. So when I was searching over the web for iron man gadgets I came across many. I would like to share them with you. I’m sure your kid might find them useful if he’s gonna act as Ironman for a play, competition or just for time pass. Or you yourselves might consider being ironman. Oh well, so here they are:

1. Arc Reactor:
The arc reactor is the source of power for the Ironman. It’s extremely efficient power supply that generates vast amounts of power without consuming typical fuel or producing significant waste heat. You might have seen it glowing on the chest of Ironman. I found a tutorial on instructables which guides you to create your own arc reactor. Well, it’s obvious that it won’t generate energy like the one did in the movie but certainly it does look and glow like an arc reactor.

Oh boy! Check out this guy, he’s a diehard ironman fan!

2. Repulsor-like LED flashlight:
The most defining ability of Stark’s armor are the repulsors situated in the gloves. They originated as a hand attachment, but have since become standard armament. They have been referred to as being magnetic, a blast of charged particles, and as a force beam. You might have seen them in the movie when Tony stark first invents them and practices in his personal lab.

Just like the arc reactor tutorial I found a repulsor tutorial too. Well, don’t worry you won’t destroy objects like Ironman did, it’s just a flashlight on your palm which looks pretty much like the repulsor.

How about real repulsor rays???
Well, to do what Iron Man does with those repulsor rays would take the total output of a nuclear power plant, so let’s settle for the effect of sparks coming from our fingers. Just look at the guy in the picture below, he goofs around with Tesla coils, making sparks fly at will. He even does one crazy trick involving himself standing in a swimming pool. On second thought, our Iron Man can do such stuff with absolutely no probs whatsoever.

3. Iron man suit:
As I mentioned earlier the ironman suit is damn sexy, a perfect blend of red and gold armor. Well, just like the above we got few tutorials on making the iron man suit too. There’s one that explains making a suit with the help of Bondo. Bondo is kinda dangerous so try it out at your own risk. Or you may consider the easy way of getting a readymade suit not of steel but of cloth.

4. Ironman LG phone:
Well, this phone’s certainly not used in the movie but has the red and gold colored look which matches ironmans suit. This phone’s worth $2000 and the gold is 18k gold plated. Wow! Certainly not cheap! Sadly, it isn’t available in market even if you wanted to buy one, it was actually offered as a gift by LG when the movie was released.

5. LEGO Iron Man:
Well, this is not connected with making of your suit but you might like to have a look at this one if you’re an ironman freak. It was designed by Arvo Brothers– a pair of extremely talented LEGO modelers.



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