How to change Facebook Layouts using Page Rage, Yontoo

I had previously written an article on getting the old Facebook layout back for those of you who didn’t like the new Facebook layout. But I know most of us like the new Facebook. Ain’t I right? Well, but looking at the same default layout you might get bored one day or the other. So, how about adding some new colors to it? We can do so by installing a backend app- Yontoo Layers. If you haven’t heard of Yontoo then it’s a browser add-on that creates virtual layers on your browser window. It enables users to add content over their Facebook page that appears to have been added directly to the page. This is something similar to Greasemonkey which is used in Firefox. At present Yontoo Layers are supported by only two browsers- Internet Explorer and Firefox. 

Installing new Facebook layouts:

Firstly, install Yontoo layers from here.

Once done go to Page rage and browse through the available layouts to find the one you want to load onto your Facebook page.

Click the select button on the desired layout and enter your Facebook login details.

Voila! Once you login you’ll see your new layout.



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