How to Get the old Facebook Layout

If you have been using Facebook for at least two to three months then you might have noticed the change in the layout that took place recently. I liked the new design, it’s much better than the previous one and has less clutter. Another reason that makes me say it’s better than the previous one is the quick loading time of profiles. But some of my friends just hate it. They say it’s a bit complicated and they find it difficult to use.

They were asking me, “How can I get the old Facebook back?” I had no reply at that time but then when I checked for a few articles over the net I came across two ways through which one can get the old Facebook layout back. Here they are:

1. Using Application:
> Add the Developer application from here.
> After adding that application, click the following link to get the old Facebook back.

2. Using Greasemonkey:
You can make use of the Greasemonkey script which can be found here. You need to have Firefox with Greasemonkey addon installed in order to apply this script. You can follow the guide for applying a  script over here.
Opera users can try this too, for more instructions look over here.



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