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24 carat gold BMX – Oh it’s Precious!

Like to ride bikes? Then here’s something of your interest, it’s a BMX. Well it’s not an ordinary one that you get to see usually. This one’s made out of 24 carat gold! Gold? Yeah! You heard me right. The 24 carat gold Hutch Prostar by Goldstriker is the most expensive BMX bike ever. Hmm, do you even feel like riding it? Well, I would prefer to keep in for display rather than getting it ruined by mud. Ouch! That sounds bad.

Windows Task Manager Extension

The Windows Task Manager by default provides a good info regarding the running processes but it fails to deliver the information needed to analyze a process. The Task Manager Extension is a plug-in for Windows Task Manager, it expands the basic functionality and gives a powerful control over running processes. It can show process modules, process memory map, used kernel handles, opened files, file properties, and lots of other info.

How to Find Files and Folders Quickly

Ever tried using the default windows search function? I’m sure you’ve tried it and ended up finding the file after a long search which took a lot of time. Well, I don’t really like the default search function so I decided to check out for some lighter alternative and which can yield results faster. I came across a program known as Everything. Everything lets you search anything within few seconds unlike the default windows search feature.

How to Quickly Resize a Picture

I’m sure you might be having snaps taken from digi cams or pictures which are pretty huge in resolution which you would like to compress and upload over net or send them to your friend or maybe use as a profile picture in Facebook. Most of us usually use Microsoft Picture manager to resize images and pictures. I found a great app- adionSoft Fast Image Resizer which allows you to quickly resize images and pictures in high quality. The software has an extremely user friendly interface. The software is freely available and works perfectly on Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

How to Get the old Facebook Layout

If you have been using Facebook for at least two to three months then you might have noticed the change in the layout that took place recently. I liked the new design, it’s much better than the previous one and has less clutter. Another reason that makes me say it’s better than the previous one is the quick loading time of profiles. But some of my friends just hate it. They say it’s a bit complicated and they find it difficult to use.

Download Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Final

The wait has finally come to an end. I can now finally stop using the beta version which took around 15-20 seconds to even start. Yahoo messenger 9.0 is available for both XP as well as Vista. So what’s new in the final version 9.0? Yahoo! Messenger Pingbox, a new application has been introduced. This is great if you have a blog or a website. All you need to do is just embed it in your site, if anyone wants to contact you they can do so by chatting from that window. You’ll get the message in your IM. Great isn’t it?

To make things colorful there are 12 skins (3 new ones- Silver, Ruby Red, Mystic Black included in final version) which can be switched between. Switching between skins is pretty easy, if you have tried the beta version you’ll know about it. Well, if you don’t then you just need to click on the red button on the right hand top of your screen and choose your favorite skin.

FREE PC Tools Internet Security 2009 1 Year License Key

It’s been a long time since I have blogged about free software licenses. I guess its perfect time to post a good promotion. Today, I came across an awesome promotion through which you can get 1 year PC Tools Internet Security 2009 license key. I’m pretty sure most of you have already heard of PC tools. Well, if you haven’t then you surely missing a great software in your favorite list.

Graphics2PDF- Create a PDF out of a Set of Pictures

Graphics2PDF is a freeware which can turn a set of photos and images into a PDF document. It’s pretty useful if you plan to combine a set of pictures or photos or maybe to hide pictures from children. Pictures for that matter maybe in any format, for instance bmp, jpg, gif, png or tiff. You can different pictures of different formats and create a single PDF file or several PDF files.

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