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Sometimes when we create multiple folders it consumes a lot of time as Windows doesn’t provide any shortcut key to create a new folder quickly. But don’t worry people, I’m going to explain two ways through which you can create multiple folders easily and quickly. The first one is by creating a quick launch icon to create a new folder; the second one is by using a software.

Create New folders using a quick launch button:

Press Windows key + E to open the Windows Explorer window.

Now, Navigate to

C:\Documents and Settings\{Username}\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

[Change {Username} to your Windows username without brackets] Right click and create a new folder in the Quick Launch folder and name it Create New Folder.

Now close the window and click on your quick launch, you’ll see a new button in the Quick Launch toolbar with the name “Create New Folder”.

Now to create a new folder anywhere just click on the Create new folder icon and hold the ctrl key and drag drop it to the location where you want to create a new folder. The new folder will be created instantly.

You don’t need to create the quick launch button every time you restart windows, the button will always remain there.

Creating new folders using a software:

There’s a software known as BX New Folder which allows you to create new folders by just pressing the F12 key. Pretty cool isn’t it? To create a new folder using this app you need to first install it and then go to the directory where you want the new folder to be created. Once you are there, just press the F12 key, a new box will popup. Enter the name of the folder which is to be created. If you hold the shift key while creating a new folder, you’ll directly reach into the folder once it’s created.

Download BX New Folder [Link 2]



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