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Stay safe from Harmful UV Rays, use the Portable UV meter

UV rays are really dangerous; not only can they give you terrible sunburns, but also lead to eye cataracts and skin cancers. Worried about increasing risk of skin cancer? Well, you don’t need to worry now; the Portable UV meter will protect you from harmful UV rays. It helps you to know how long it’s safe to stay in sun. It measures the strength of the sun’s UV rays, and lets you know how long you’re safe for, and gives you accurate temperature readings.

How to Remove Ads from Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger Using A-Patch

If you use Windows Live Messenger (WLM) or Yahoo Messenger you might have noticed the ads present in the messenger. They are sometimes irritating; especially in Yahoo messenger they really bug me a lot. There are a few ads which zoom when the mouse is moved over them. Well, one thing still confuses me; I don’t understand the reason why ads are placed in messengers. If you tell that they are mainly for revenue then I don’t understand why companies like MS and Yahoo need to do that. Well, anyways whatever the case maybe, today I came across a software which disables these ads, it’s know as A-Patch.

How to: Find out File Size before Downloading the File

Sometimes when we download files from links we don’t find enough information regarding the file size, and several other details like date created, modified, etc. There’s an addon for IE and Opera known as Get File Size which helps us to know various details of the file before downloading it.

Search Ebooks using the Ebook pdf Search Engine

Wanted to find a particular Ebook over the net? But found it difficult? Well, there’s a search engine known as PDF Search Engine which is exclusively designed for searching Ebooks. Using this search engine you can search Ebooks with ease.

How to Lock and Hide Folders without using any Software

We usually lock folders using softwares but have you ever wondered that you can lock a folder without actually using a software? Well, if you haven’t it is possible and pretty easy too. The idea behind it is simple, here’s how you do it:

1. Firstly open Notepad and paste the following code:

How to Create Icons from Images using Bradicon

You might come across several wonderful tiny images which you thought of using as an icon but making an icon out if it wasn’t easy. Well, I came across an online service known as Bradicon which allows you to convert an image into an icon. All you need to do is just upload the image which you want to be converted and it will be converted into .ico format. The converted icon will be in 48×48 format.

Download Rapidshare Happy Hours Detector

We all use Rapidshare for downloading files. No doubt it’s one of the most widely used file sharing services. If you are a free user you might be aware of Rapidshare happy hours. Well if you don’t then Rapidshare happy hours is a time period where you can download files from Rapidshare without entering codes. It’s really useful as sometimes it’s difficult to get the code right. But the problem is it’s difficult to find when these happy hours are enabled. Well, you need to worry as there are softwares to watch out for happy hours. Here are two such softwares which will help you to find out when these happy hours are enabled.

Free KIS 2009 (Kaspersky Internet Security) 1 Year License Key

I have been using Kaspersky for more than two years and I must admit that it’s the best one I’ve used so far. It has never let me down in any circumstance. It kept my computer safe from internet threats. It dealt with Viruses, Trojans and other hacker attempts really well. Till today I was using KIS 7 and was planning to get a KIS 2009 but luckily while browsing I came across an awesome promotion blogged by Raymond through which you can get a KIS 2009 1 Year license key absolutely free of cost! Just follow the below steps carefully to get one for yourselves.

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