How to Create Panoramic Screensavers and Videos

I’m pretty sure that you have heard of Panoramic images, if you haven’t then they are images with exceptionally wide fields of view. Panoramic images can be constructed by merging various pictures together. I have come across many panoramic images over the net, I had saved a few of them in my computer. They are simply awesome. I was wondering if I could use them as my screensavers. And I came across an article on Cybernetnews which explains the same.

If you want to use a panoramic image as a screensaver then here’s a software known as WPanorama which helps you to create panoramic screensavers and videos out of such images. It displays panoramic pictures by letting them scroll horizontally or vertically on the screen. You’ll feel as if you are standing in one place and looking around. You can save the animation as .avi or a .swf file and then use as a screensaver. The software also features 360° continuous scrolling which is helpful if you’re using a 360 degree panoramic image, it will join the ends of the image together. If the image is not a 360 degree panoramic image then it will scroll back and forth instead of joining the ends.
You can check out for some awesome panoramic images at WPanorama’s 700+ photo gallery.

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