Create and Manage Keyboard Shortcuts to different Applications

Creating keyboard shortcuts to various programs in windows is pretty easy. To do so, we right click on the shortcut, go to properties and change the shortcut key. But doing this for every application is a bit time consuming and difficult to manage. If you have many apps with shortcuts you might end up forgetting the shortcut keys.

I came across awesome software- Keyboard Shortcuts which not only allows you to create keyboard shortcuts to applications but also allows you to manage them with ease. The program is hardly 500KB in size and is freely available.

Using Keyboard shortcuts:
Keyboard Shortcuts is really user friendly, to add a new shortcut all you need to do is click on “Add new” which will open a box where you have to enter title, description and key combination. Once done, click on “insert”, the new key will be added. Now you can add and action to the shortcut by clicking on “Add action”. Here you can run a file, command or open a url. Once everything’s done click the “close” button and try out your new key combination. You can also delete unwanted shortcut key combinations anytime.

7,930 Possible Key combinations
102+ System Commands
Multiple actions for a single HotKey
Full support for URLs & File Shortcuts
Drag Drop URLs/Files
Option to Run tasks sequentially
Advance option to send messages to other windows
Advance option to reassign key to act as some other key

Download Keyboard Shortcuts



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