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How to Create Panoramic Screensavers and Videos

I’m pretty sure that you have heard of Panoramic images, if you haven’t then they are images with exceptionally wide fields of view. Panoramic images can be constructed by merging various pictures together. I have come across many panoramic images over the net, I had saved a few of them in my computer. They are simply awesome. I was wondering if I could use them as my screensavers. And I came across an article on Cybernetnews which explains the same.

How to Create a Video Tutorial

Sometimes it’s just not possible to explain every tutorial in text. In such circumstances we need to create video tutorials. Video tutorials are one of the best means to explain a tutorial. You can speak, add sounds, visual effects, etc. which makes the tutorial elaborate and easy to understand. Video tutorials can be created using a video cam or on your desktop itself. Today, I’m going to speak about a freeware known as Camstudio which allows you to record your screen and your voice. Ok, so let’s start with the tutorial.

How to Find out the Time Taken to Load Windows

Here’s a small utility known as BootTimer which displays the time taken by a computer to load windows. To check out your computers boot time all you need to do is just download BootTimer and double click on it to run. It will prompt you to restart your computer, click ‘Yes’. Now your computer will restart, as soon as windows loads it will display the time taken to load Windows.

iPhone Theme for BlackBerry Devices- bPhone

If you own a BlackBerry and would like to get the iPhone feel on it then here’s an awesome theme known as bPhone which will give you the iPhone look and feel on your BackBerry. The theme is created by Matthew Rogers for 8700, Pearl, Curve and 8800. The bPhone theme comes in three variants- Icon, Zen and Today. Each variant has a unique feature for different BackBerry devices. You’ll find many icons similar to the ones in an iPhone, some new custom made ones are added as well.

Free Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008 License Key

If your business is small and you are thinking about getting a good accounting package for your business then I have something cool for you. You can now get Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008 absolutely free of cost. Well, if you aren’t familiar with Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008, it’s a complete accounting solution designed for business owners, bookkeepers, and office managers in any company with up to 25 employees. If you are worried about the user interface then you don’t really need to as it’s similar to any other Microsoft Office software. Using this software you can easily create quotes, invoices, track expenses and transactions automatically, automate bank accounts and customer payments, manage payroll, track Employee time and costs, etc. All these things will allow you to organize your daily business transactions and activities with ease and will help you to make better decisions, reduce time wastage, improve productivity, etc.

How to Right Click Defragment a Drive in XP and Vista

Here’s a short useful tutorial which will help you to add a defragment option to the right click menu. It’s pretty useful as whenever you feel like defragmenting a particular drive you can do it instantly by right clicking on it and selecting defragment instead of starting defragmenter and selecting the drive to defragment. Here’s how you get it done:

iPhone Ringtone Maker- Create Ringtones for iPhone

Here’s a great software which allows you to create ringtones for your iPhone with ease. You can choose any of your favorite MP3s to convert and use them as your iPhone ringtone. Once you create your ringtone, you can easily transfer them to your iTunes or iPhone. Using this software you can convert three types of files- WAV, OGG, MP3 into iPhone ringtones.

Record Skype Conversations using MX Skype Recorder

Ever wished to record your lovers touching words? Or your dads call on your Birthday? Or maybe you would like to record your mom’s cooking tips? Well, it’s pretty easy now. Thanks to softwares which have helped us to a great extent in this computer world. MX Skype Recorder is an application which allows Skype users to record Skype audio conversations.

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