Download Comodo Firewall Pro for Free, a Complete Firewall Protection for your PC

With internet threats increasing day by day, it’s really important to have a good firewall in our computers in order to defend against dangerous internet threats. Usually most of the internet users have an antivirus program installed in theirs pc’s which they think is more than enough to defend threats. But the fact is that you’re only partially protected, therefore it’s essential to have a good firewall program as well. The reason is simple; as long as your internet connection is open it’s like an open door to hackers. A firewall basically makes your pc invisible to most of the hackers. So, if your pc is invisible no hacker can break into your pc. Your secondary defense is your Antivirus program.

There are many firewalls out there. You can get both for free as well as for cash. But most of us would like to go the free way if it’s good. When we speak about a free firewall the first one that comes to my mind is Comodo Firewall, it’s one of the best firewalls freely available. It secures your system against internal attacks such as Trojans, viruses, malicious software and external attacks by hackers. Comodo Firewall Pro is the powerful, effective and has a very user friendly interface. With a single click you can allow or block access to the Internet offering complete immunity to attacks and total protection of your personal information.

System Requirements:
Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
32MB Free Hard disk Space

Download Comodo Firewall Pro



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