5 Tips to Save your Wet Cell Phone

Dropped your cell phone in your wash basin, toilet, or got wet in rain? Well don’t worry; if you are fast you can save your phone. Just follow the below steps carefully:

Get it out of water:
First of all get it out of water as soon as possible. Well, if you are too late then it’s useless so you should be quick enough to remove it out.
Cut of the power supply:
The next thing is to switch off your phone. Cutting power to your phone is a crucial step in saving it. If there’s no power supply then many circuits inside will still be fine even though they are wet. If you go for switching it off by pressing the switch off button it will take time. So the best thing is to remove the battery so that it shuts down immediately.
Remove SIM and memory card:
Once the battery is removed, remove your SIM card, memory card. Well, SIM cards do survive water damage but to stay on the safer side it’s better to remove them immediately.
The drying process:
Now you can take your time to dry your phone. To start with you can shake it as much as possible so that the water comes off. Once you feel that you’re done, you can use a towel or paper towel to gently remove as much of the remaining water as possible.
Even after doing the above steps the cell phone isn’t dried up yet! Now you can use a vacuum cleaner to dry off the moisture. You can do this over affected areas for about 20-30 minutes. Make sure you avoid close contact of the phone with the vacuum. The main aim is to remove moisture from the phone and halt any oxidation from occurring deep inside, as it can result in functional issues later on.
After you’re done with the above, you can keep your phone in a bowl of uncooked rice over night. Bowl of rice? Well, don’t get surprised. Rice will absorb any remaining moisture in the phone.
Now use a tissue or a paper towel to check if there’s any moisture remaining in the phone. If you find that there’s some more moisture remaining then repeat the above process again.
Start the phone:
Once you’re sure that your phone is dry, connect the battery, SIM card and your memory card and start the phone. If it doesn’t start then remove the battery and connect it back again. If it still doesn’t work then there are chances that your battery is spoilt or some internal parts are damaged.



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