Indian Market Future Demands in the Field of Technology

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Every company tries to pre-assume the market demands and thereby decides its product. This is also the new Marketing Policy. If you are able to assume the future needs, your company sure is going to progress a lot. I being a student of commerce have been studying the surroundings around me and have understood what the Indian Market needs in the future.
In simple words, if you are running a company or an enterprise in India, this post might be helpful to you in pre-assuming the market demands and needs of India. I will try to concentrate here only on the Technology part. So, let’s start with something simple.
History repeats itself.
This is a famous proverb and very true too (just like other proverbs). If you want to know, what India needs?? The answer is “The Past.” India needs the technology to resemble the past. For example, the Television in India became popular because of the serial by Ramanand sagar, “Ramayana”. Every Indian remembers it.
What America needed few years back??
Now, this is a topic, which you might or might not agree. But I say, it’s true. The demands or wants in India today are the same or similar to a great extent to what were the demands in developed countries few years back. Let’s go a bit deep into this.
Few years back, USA got the social networking site, mySpace. It was a hit there and a considerably large number of people are members there. Today, India has got Orkut and ibibo. Both are facing a good competition. These days, whenever I go to some cyber cafes here, I can notice lots of people surfing through Orkut. It’s a common sense now.
Few years back, USA television was full of Reality shows like American Idol. Today, Indian Television is full of these types of Reality shows. Most of these shows in India today are directly or indirectly inspired by some American show. For example, India’s most popular show, “Kaun Banega Crorepati” was inspired by “‘Who wants to be a Millionaire” ; “Indian Idol” by “American Idol”; upcoming show “Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas se Tej Hai” by “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader” etc. etc. etc.
If I go on making lists in this way, it would never ever end. The condition is same in almost all aspects like Mobile Phones, Share Market, Internet usage (Blogs, Forums) etc. etc.
Unity in Diversity:
Indians are famous for their Unity in Diversity. I remember when I was chatting with an American girl. I had helped her in something, after which she said, “I had heard that Indians are helpful, now I have seen it”. Indians are famous in other countries for their good character (whatever they actually may be). We like to help others. This is the trick used in many social networking sites like ibibo. We are ready to help even without getting anything and sometimes just for some points, which may or may not be of any use.
I have written quite long, I guess I should stop here. I feel, whatever I have said is right and hope that you too would agree with me. There is one more quality of Indians (actually of the whole human race), they cannot be predicted. However, I have tried my best to do it.

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