Download Torrents Without Using Any BitTorrent Client allows you to download torrents without using any sort of bittorrent application. To start downloading a torrent using Bitlet follow the below steps:
1. First choose your desired torrent file from a torrent site which you want to download
2. Copy its torrent metafile url.
3. Go to in your favorite browser and paste the torrent metafile link in the box.
4. Click the download torrent button.

BitLet Features:

Resume feature:
You can resume your torrents again by just clicking save in the same location where you saved the download the first time (the applet will propose it by default), and your download will be resumed.

Upload and seed torrents:
You can upload and seed torrents by keeping the download window opened.

View Upload/download stats:
You can view the upload and download stats of a particular torrent by clicking the arrow buttons.

Generate BitLet links:
You can create a bitlet link of a particular torrent file by going here which will allow the user to directly download the torrent with bitlet. When the user clicks the link, a bitlet download box will open and prompt the user to select the location to save the file.



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